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The materials of our verandas

You have chosen a veranda, a pergola or a pool cover to improve your daily comfort? With VERANDAIR®, you have made the choice of quality! Discover how VERANDAIR® models are made.

At VERANDAIR®, quality is our priority. That is why all our verandas, pergolas, pool shelters, … are made of 6061 T6 aluminum. A light but very strong material, it is also used by the aeronautical sector. It also has a high resistance to corrosion.

With VERANDAIR®, you are assured of having a veranda, pergola or pool enclosure that will accompany you for many years.

The structure of verandas and pergolas

The frame of our VERANDAIR® terrace shelters and pergolas is made of ultra-resistant aluminum profiles.

VERANDAIR® profiles are the property of the company and are not standardized. They are extruded in a die-cast manner. All parts are treated against corrosion, inside and outside. Our retractable structures are generally self-supporting.

The structures of our terrace shelters are tested by an independent laboratory (Vinçotte®), which ensures their resistance to snow and wind. The type of profile is built according to the dimensions of the shelter as well as the geographical area in which it will be placed.

The lacquering of the structure

TIGER Drylac® powder coatings are solvent-free coating materials made of various synthetic resins, pigments and special additives to achieve outstanding surface qualities. In addition, the paints offered by VERANDAIR® are QUALICOAT® certified.

The powder coating is applied to the parts to be coated by means of an electrostatic spraying device and by heating the part to between 160 °C and 200 °C.

Our standard colors are :

  • Deep black – RAL 9005 T – Powder code 029.80070
  • Anthracite grey – RAL 7016 A – Powder code 029.71334
  • Quartz grey – RAL 7039 T – Powder code 029.71716

These standard colors are offered here in a structured finish.

On request, we offer more than 2500 colors and finishes.

What is the QUALICOAT® label?

It is the world’s leading quality mark for aluminum coating. Its worldwide organization (headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland) is committed to maintaining the quality of lacquering, painting and coating on aluminum and its alloys for architectural applications.

QUALICOAT® has granted general licenses to national and international associations to issue its certificates and inspect authorized plants. These associations regularly (twice a year) audit the lacquerers and check that they comply with all the requirements of the QUALICOAT® Directives.

Profilés Verandair pour vérandas et pergolas
Véranda et pergola : équerres d'assemblage

Assembly brackets (retractable shelters)

An assembly bracket is used to connect the profiles together. Their dimensions and materials are designed to be as strong as or stronger than the frame itself. You will find them at each corner of our retractable shelters.

These brackets are made of 7075 type aluminum alloy. The latter (also known as zicral), used in particular in aeronautics, is an aluminum alloy with zinc as its main alloying element. It has a strength comparable to many steels, as well as a good resistance to fatigue and common machining. Its relatively high cost limits its use to applications where cheaper alloys are not suitable.

Screws and accessories

Almost all of the accessories and screws that make up our shelters are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel allows the dismantling and the maintenance of the shelter, even after many years.

Almost all of the accessories and screws that make up our shelters are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel allows the dismantling and the maintenance of the shelter, even after many years.

visserie des vérandas et abris de terrasse
Véranda Verandair : ancrages

Ground anchors (retractable shelters)

A lateral fixing bracket is placed on each element that makes up our retractable shelters. Thanks to a chemical anchoring of the stainless steel sleeve, this one is generally sealed in the ground (in a reinforced concrete sill made by the customer).

All that remains is to screw the stainless steel and plastic knob through the hole provided. On request, the first of these wheels is equipped with a lock. The anchoring time is about 10 minutes for an average structure composed of 5 elements, which demonstrates its ease.

Once the structure is anchored, it is now able to offer optimal support to high winds and maximum reinforcement to the snow load, as opposed to longitudinal anchoring.

Guiding the elements (retractable shelters)

The castors are made of polyamide and are integrated into our low crossbeam profiles that ensure the shelter’s connection to the ground. They are anti-track and mounted on stainless steel needle bearings. They allow the shelter to move easily and with almost no wear. Each sliding element has 8 casters, making movement easier and smoother.

Installed upon request or left to the discretion of the installer, a floor guide profile can be placed under the wheels of the first sliding element. It is made of anodized aluminum and is built to last.

Stainless steel screws spaced +/- 50cm apart allow it to be fixed to the floor. It facilitates the latter and prevents the elements from twisting when opening or closing the retractable shelter.

Integrated counter-guides (retractable shelters)

Between the elements, a system of guide rollers is integrated into the structure. It connects the elements of our retractable shelters and allows a simple and easy sliding. These guides, although integrated into the structure, are invisible.

Véranda Verandair : guidage, verrous et poignées

The side glazing 

As standard, the walls of our shelters are composed of either :

  • Single tempered glass of 4, 6, 8 or 10mm thickness;
  • Single laminated glass of 4, 6, 8 or 10mm thickness;
  • Single synthetic glazing type SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile) of 4mm thickness;
  • PC (polycarbonate) synthetic single glazing of 4, 5 or 6mm thickness;
  • Double glazing up to 17mm thick;
  • Composite panels.

On request, it is also possible to integrate any type of filling (glazing) as long as it does not exceed 17 mm in thickness and is compatible with our aluminum structures (expansion).

Parois des vérandas et abris de terrasse
toiture des vérandas et pergolas

Veranda roofs

For reasons of resistance, especially to hail, the roofing plates of our terrace shelters are generally made of polycarbonate or synthetic material.

These roof plates are either translucent or opaline white.

An anti-UV treatment is applied to prevent premature yellowing of the plates. In the case of the pool cover, the anti-UV treatment is applied on both sides of the roof plate, taking into account the reverberation of light on the water of the pool.

The roof plates are not screwed but held in rabbet and glued. A micro-perforated tape, placed at the ends of the plates, allows them to breathe, thus avoiding interior condensation. Dust and insects cannot infiltrate.

Sometimes, the movements linked to the expansion of the polycarbonate sheets can produce cracking noises. This phenomenon is quite common and does not affect the performance of the sheets and profiles.

On request, it is also possible to integrate composite sheets instead of polycarbonate.

Guiding the elements on the ground

A system of guide rollers, integrated into the structure, links the elements together. This allows a simple and perfect sliding of the telescopic structure of the veranda.

Made of anodized aluminum, the floor guide rail is made to last. Stainless steel screws spaced 50cm apart allow it to be fixed to the ground.

Optional guide rails facilitate the fixing to the ground and prevent the elements from twisting. They are particularly discreet and have a rounded shape that eliminates the risk of injury. The floor guides are located on both sides of the enclosure and can be adapted to the configuration of the site. Only the first element is guided, which avoids the installation of multiple strips.

The castors are monolithic wheels in anti-trace polyamide mounted on stainless steel needle bearings. They provide the shelter with easy movement and virtually no wear.

Each sliding element has 8 casters, making movement easier and more fluid.

Véranda rétractable : guidage au sol

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We put our trust in VERANDAIR and we do not regret it at all. Our pergola was installed by competent, careful people. The after-sales service is impeccable.



The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous and precise work, the follow-up from the manufacturing plans to the final assembly and even the small corrections afterwards, it is very professional!
Congratulations to all the teams who contributed to this.



Top team, boss available. Happy with my investment…



We had no idea how much the addition of a patio cover (45 m2) would improve our quality of life. The Verandair staff guided us to the most suitable solution. There were no nasty surprises. The installation team is as nice as they are efficient (they put in a lot of hard work!). We recommend them 100%.



Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, seriousness and cleanliness from the placement team! All in a friendly manner and with good advice! Belgian company based in Wallonia, eager to meet our expectations throughout our project! To be recommended!


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