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Bioclimatic pergola

Would you like to enjoy your garden more, its tranquility and the well-being it provides you? Rain, wind, coolness: it is true that in Belgium and even in France, opportunities to put the nose outside are sometimes missing. That’s why we now offer you a bioclimatic pergola solution to install in your garden or on your terrace.

Our bioclimatic pergola is scalable, which means that you can adapt the elements that make it up according to the weather and your desires. In addition, its adjustable aluminum slats provide much more than comfort and protection from the rain and sun. Indeed, they offer your house a new design and modern outdoor space.

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

It is a self-supporting structure on posts designed for outdoor use. It is made of aluminum and is equipped with a roof with sunshade blades that can be adjusted by remote control or, in some cases, manually. The rotation of the slats provides a particularly comfortable climate in any season, as their inclination allows the adjustment of sunlight and natural ventilation.

This installation can be attached to your house or not. If you want to cover your terrace, a pergola leaning against your house is more appropriate. However, it is also possible to install one in the middle of your garden, in order to create

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Pergola en aluminium Verandair
Pergola en aluminium Verandair

The advantages of the bioclimatic pergola

  • An aluminum profile, light and resistant to the tests of time
  • An elegant design that matches all styles of homes (stone, wood, brick, etc.)
  • Protection against rain, wind, UV and heat
  • Control of the opening of the slats that make up the roof
  • The possibility of integrating side walls
  • A motorized system that allows easy control of your pergola
  • A quick installation
  • Optional LED lights to enjoy your evenings
  • A wide range of colors to best suit your desires
  • A custom-made product

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An air of vacation in a comfortable space

Enjoying your outdoor space in any season is priceless! Thanks to the bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats, you can enjoy your terrace in the best conditions and feel at home as if you were on vacation. You can always plan a barbecue with friends, a brunch or any other recreational activity you want to do outdoors.

To make the most of it, even on hot days, you can add an awning. This way, you are protected from the sun, while enjoying your outdoor space.

Pergola en aluminium bioclimatique
Pergola en aluminium Verandair

Bioclimatic aluminum pergolas

Whether self-supporting or leaning against the facade of your house, our custom-made bioclimatic pergola is made of an aluminum structure. Because of its sturdiness, lightness, ease of maintenance and good durability, the choice of aluminum as a material is obvious. Its modern lines adapt perfectly to any type of home and can be painted in any color you wish, without disturbing the color.

Moreover, it is possible to add a large number of options to your pergola in order to further personalize your relaxation space: automatic solar protection, lighting for an even warmer atmosphere, and even audio or heating elements… It’s up to you!

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The CORRADI Company

At VERANDAIR, we are very particular about the materials we use. We apply the same requirement in the choice of our partners, as it is the case with CORRADI and the products that this company proposes.

CORRADI is an Italian company present all over the world. With its various offices in Italy, France and the United States, it has a network of more than 1000 authorized distributors.

The company has been specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of outdoor shelters for over 40 years. Today it produces bioclimatic verandas in Castel Maggiore, near Bologna, in its 58,000m2 industrial site.

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Why choose a bioclimatic pergola made by VERANDAIR®?

An affordable price

Enjoy your terrace all year round

A veranda adapted to your own dimensions

Reliability & robustness

Aluminium structure 15 year warranty

Use of 100% renewable materials

100% Belgian production for over 31 years

Delivery and installation of your veranda by professionals

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose a bioclimatic pergola?

Whether they are parallel or perpendicular to your home, the roof slats can be oriented up to 140° in both directions of opening so that you can regulate the light inside your pergola. When completely closed, the roof is wind and rain resistant: water is drained away through the built-in eaves and a gutter integrated into the perimeter of the posts.

Why choose an aluminum pergola?

The self-supporting aluminum structure gives the pergola a great robustness and an incomparable ease of maintenance. Moreover, our product is available in a wide variety of colors and in some two-tone combinations.

What are the characteristics of the VERANDAIR® bioclimatic pergola?

Le profil est de 25 cm seulement. La gouttière non saillante et les dimensions maximales du module individuel sont de 470x 620,5cm pour une hauteur possible entre 1m et 3m (+ 9,5cm lorsque les lames sont à leur ouverture maximum).

The profile is only 25 cm. The gutter does not protrude and the maximum dimensions of the individual module are 470x 620,5cm for a possible height between 1m and 3m (+ 9,5cm when the blades are at their maximum opening).

What is the price of a bioclimatic pergola?

The price of our pergolas depends on several criteria: its dimensions (width and height), is it self-opening or not, the optional accessories, … Ask for a quote online to have an estimate of the final price.

Which accessories to complete a pergola?

It is possible to incorporate LED lighting in the slats or on the integrated gutters, to create an atmosphere according to your desires and enjoy this relaxing place in the evening. You can also add blinds, a canvas or sliding windows to create a separation.

Which orientation for the adjustable blades?

The slats of your roof can be either parallel or perpendicular to your home. This will depend mainly on the location of your home. If you are facing south, it is preferable that they be perpendicular in order to benefit from the sun. On the other hand, if you are facing east or west, it is better to have them parallel.

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We put our trust in VERANDAIR and we do not regret it at all. Our pergola was installed by competent, careful people. The after-sales service is impeccable.



The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous and precise work, the follow-up from the manufacturing plans to the final assembly and even the small corrections afterwards, it is very professional!
Congratulations to all the teams who contributed to this.



Top team, boss available. Happy with my investment…



We had no idea how much the addition of a patio cover (45 m2) would improve our quality of life. The Verandair staff guided us to the most suitable solution. There were no nasty surprises. The installation team is as nice as they are efficient (they put in a lot of hard work!). We recommend them 100%.



Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, seriousness and cleanliness from the placement team! All in a friendly manner and with good advice! Belgian company based in Wallonia, eager to meet our expectations throughout our project! To be recommended!


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