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A pool enclosure is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to enjoy his pool at will, i.e., just as much on a summer’s day as on cold winter mornings. In order to meet all requirements, Verandair® offers a host of pool enclosures and shelters that will seamlessly integrate your pool into your home and your garden.

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Pool Enclosures benefits

The benefits of pool verandas

Pool verandas have many benefits:

Optimal protection from the elements (rain, snow, wind, etc.);
Worry-free enjoyment in a safe environment;
Thermal balance from insulation and the greenhouse effect;
The assurance of always having clean, safe water;
An optional slide-open roof;
The choice between a low, mid-height, raised or walled veranda.

Pool Enclosures Verandair
Pool Enclosures Verandair