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The retractable Veranda

Verandair® retractable verandas allow home patios to be used any time of year, as the verandas can be opened out in a matter of seconds in agreeable weather and closed up just as quickly if it happens to turn chilly or rainy!

Verandair® is the only Belgian manufacturer offering fully opening, ground-level, railed or rail-less verandas for the past 20 years. Armed with this experience, we are able to turn out tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of all of our customers.

We adapt to your most exacting requirements so as to incorporate this retractable veranda into your home under the best of conditions.

The retractable Veranda

The Benefits of the veranda

There are numerous benefits to retractable verandas:

A location outside of your home in a comfortable space;
An unobstructed view of your garden and its surroundings in rainy weather;
An additional light well in your home;
A covered patio in rainy weather;
A covered patio in agreeable weather;
Openings that can be adapted to sunny or windy weather, or temperature.

Production of our products

Verandair® retractable verandas are entirely custom-made. Once the purchasing process has been set in motion, a technician visits your home in order to consult with you on drawing up the plans for your prospective retractable veranda.

Verandair® aims to please its clientele as far as possible, and for that reason only high-quality materials are used..

Production of our veranda

Our verandas are manufactured in the following manner:

The structure is made of anti-corrosion-treated aluminium and is available lacquer-coated in a choice of over 2500 shades. The lacquer is electrostatically applied using Qualicoat® and Qualimarine®-certified powder coating (highly resistant to corrosion in marine environments).

The sides are made of laminated or toughened glass or synthetic glazing (Plexiglas or polycarbonate) depending on application of the product. As an additional option, entire panels can be integrated into the sides (particularly in the case of basements).

The coverings are made of alveolar polycarbonate. They come in various colours and shades. The fastenings and accessories are made of aluminium or stainless steel. The castors and guides are made of non-marking polyamide. They are fitted with stainless steel bearings.

As an option, we also offer blinds, LED lighting, an automated deployment system with remote-control engine powered by solar collectors, etc.

15 years guarantee on the structure

10 years guarantee on the side walls

5 years guarantee on the accessoires and screws

2 years guarantee on motorization