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Verandas for the hospitality sector (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.)

Verandair® verandas are ideally suited for all hospitality sector layouts. Whether you are extending a restaurant, a bar, a reception hall or a café, our Verandair® experts are right there alongside you giving you advice to make your investment a totally successful one!

Why Verandair®? Because, with its experience and its willingness to meet the needs of its customers, Verandair® makes every effort to turn out the perfect tailor-made solution.

Expand your restaurant with a veranda

Expand your restaurant

Is your restaurant running out of space? Would you like to give your room an additional light well? Installing a veranda is definitely the solution for you!

Verandair® has for years been producing customised retractable verandas that are ideal for the hospitality sector (hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, reception halls, etc.), providing enclosed extensions to your premises when the weather is chilly, and ensuring a spacious area in agreeable weather!

A Planning department at your service

In order to meet the most exacting requirements and provide you with a highly specialised service, Verandair® operates an in-house design department that will specially design your plan and employ every measure to create it under the best of conditions, which means ensuring that your business is not disrupted while work is underway.

Planning department at your service for your veranda

15 years guarantee on the structure

10 years guarantee on the side walls

5 years guarantee on the accessoires and screws

2 years guarantee on motorization