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Want to enjoy your deck later in the season? Do you want to spend more time outside without having to come in because of the rain? Opt for a VERANDAIR® patio cover!

VERANDAIR® patio covers are made of quality materials to offer you unparalleled comfort and performance.

The weather being particularly capricious in our regions, it is not always possible to rely on it when we want to enjoy our outdoor space. With a VERANDAIR® veranda, the weather will no longer dictate your plans. In fact, depending on its exposure and orientation, you can gain between 6 and 8°C during sunny periods (without having any specific insulation).

The VERANDAIR® veranda is ideal for enjoying your garden all year round!

Just like our other VERANDAIR® products, our veranda is made of aluminum, a light material that lasts over time.

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An affordable price

Enjoy your terrace all year round

A veranda adapted to your own dimensions

Reliability & robustness

Aluminium structure 15 year warranty

Use of 100% renewable materials

100% Belgian production for over 31 years

Delivery and installation of your veranda by professionals

Advantages of a patio cover

Are you hesitating between the desire to create a new living space for your home and the desire to keep an outdoor space? Don’t procrastinate and choose the VERANDAIR® retractable veranda !

You will be able to open the entire surface of your veranda for sunbathing or reading without having to move your garden furniture. If the weather becomes threatening and raindrops start to fall, simply close your veranda. This way, all the elements inside (including you) will be sheltered and protected!

The retractable veranda can be attached to your house or not, according to your taste. Its opaque roof regulates the temperature inside and its glass walls let the sunlight in. You can easily add curtains or blinds for greater comfort.

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abri de terrasse rétractable Verandair
Abri de terrasse bioclimatique en Belgique

High quality structures

At a time when many companies are lowering their quality standards, VERANDAIR® has made the opposite choice by further reinforcing the quality of the materials used in its terrace shelters and other pergolas. In this way, their reliability and life span is further reinforced.

Thus, VERANDAIR works with aluminum to offer you a qualitative product. As this material guarantees reliability and sturdiness, we have chosen not to work with wood, steel or polycarbonate.

Aluminum terrace shelters

VERANDAIR® aluminum terrace shelters are permanent and design constructions built on foundations that will allow you to enjoy an additional room all year long. You will be able to enjoy long evenings in summer but also winter afternoons thanks to an integrated heater, for example.

Our opening systems do not require the installation of ground rails, which makes your covered terrace safer and more aesthetic.

VERANDAIR® retractable verandas are made to the dimensions that best suit your home and your space. You can choose between a sloping roof, a flat roof or a semi-flat roof, depending on your wishes.

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abri de terrasse rétractable Verandair
Véranda rétractable pour particuliers

The composition of the retractable verandas :

The structure is composed of aluminum profiles treated against corrosion. This type of lacquering is available in more than 2500 colors. It is an electrostatic powder coating (epoxy) certified Qualicoat® and Qualimarine® (very high resistance to corrosion in marine environment).

The side walls are made of laminated glass, tempered glass or synthetic glass (plexiglass or polycarbonate) depending on the application. It is also possible to integrate solid panels to the side walls (especially for the base).

The roofs are made of alveolar polycarbonate. They are available in different colors and shades. The screws and accessories are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The castors and guides are made of anti-trace polyamide. They are equipped with stainless steel bearings.

As an option, we also offer blinds, LED lighting, an automatic opening system with a motorization with remote control powered by solar sensors, etc.

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Add a real extension to your building

Do you want to extend your home, but without having to go through the construction process? By opting for a VERANDAIR retractable veranda, you gain in surface area and benefit from a true modern extension. If its orientation is optimal, you will benefit from the sun’s rays thanks to its opaque polycarbonate roof that lets the light through.

Thanks to the modern and refined material of the structure, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating your veranda, whatever your budget and your style of decoration! For example, you can add a curtain on one side, a carpet on the floor, wooden furniture to give a rustic effect, etc.

If your veranda has a great height, the realization of the decoration and its layout may be different. Indeed, a long curtain and a nice LED lighting will easily dress one of its glass walls, sliding or not.

abri de terrasse rétractable Verandair

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From summer living room to winter garden in the blink of an eye

Thanks to its custom-made dimensions, this removable structure follows you through the seasons and becomes what you want it to be: a reading corner to enjoy the summer sun, a covered place to receive your family when it rains, a workshop to create while having a superb view of the outside. Your veranda is a real additional living room for your home.

The patio cover can easily be decorated with garden or indoor furniture. If you choose to put your garden furniture there, you will no longer have to protect them and store them in your garage.

The veranda can easily be decorated with garden or indoor furniture. If you choose to put them there, you will no longer have to protect and store them in your garage.

The opening system of the shelters allows you to open them easily when the heat arrives, and to close them just as easily during cooler evenings.

Do you want to add a touch of color to your home and garden? You will certainly find what you are looking for in our range of 200 shades of colors to personalize the structure of your patio cover: fir green, ivory, anthracite for more design, or black or white to remain classic.

You don’t need an extra room but you want to shelter when you are outside or on your terrace? Discover our pergola solutions.

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La véranda rétractable pour particuliers

The Retractable Veranda

Situation: you are having lunch outside when, suddenly, the weather turns stormy. Under normal circumstances, you would have to rush back inside, while not forgetting to clear away what you had taken out for the occasion… But that was without counting on the retractable veranda!

With this VERANDAIR extension, no more being a slave to the weather. Is it raining? Is it windy? Deploy your retractable veranda in no time and enjoy your terrace whatever the weather!

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La pergola Verandair

The Pergola

Have you always wanted to have a shaded area in your garden? Are you planning to offer yourself a space conducive to relaxation? Do you appreciate being in direct contact with nature, while being protected from its whims? The VERANDAIR pergola seems particularly well suited to your needs.

VERANDAIR designs and manufactures pergolas from quality materials. Don’t hesitate: go for your own VERANDAIR pergola!

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We put our trust in VERANDAIR and we do not regret it at all. Our pergola was installed by competent, careful people. The after-sales service is impeccable.



The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous and precise work, the follow-up from the manufacturing plans to the final assembly and even the small corrections afterwards, it is very professional!
Congratulations to all the teams who contributed to this.



Top team, boss available. Happy with my investment…



We had no idea how much the addition of a patio cover (45 m2) would improve our quality of life. The Verandair staff guided us to the most suitable solution. There were no nasty surprises. The installation team is as nice as they are efficient (they put in a lot of hard work!). We recommend them 100%.



Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, seriousness and cleanliness from the placement team! All in a friendly manner and with good advice! Belgian company based in Wallonia, eager to meet our expectations throughout our project! To be recommended!


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