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Residential Retractable Veranda

VERANDAIR’s retractable patio enclosure (also known as a convertible veranda)® offers the possibility of creating an additional modular space in your home. Unlike traditional verandas, our terrace shelters have the particularity of integrating directly into your existing terrace and are fully retractable, in a few seconds. In this way, you can enjoy your outdoors whatever the weather. With a terrace open in good weather or protected from the cold and bad weather, you can enjoy the atmosphere of your garden all year round.

A retractable veranda allows you to benefit from more space and more light in the house. A real gain in comfort!

A real Bioclimatic Aluminum Veranda

VERANDAIR terrace shelters have a bioclimatic design. They are designed to make the most of the sun’s energy to naturally warm your veranda space in winter. This principle also protects you from the sun’s rays and the high heat in summer. In this way, you can enjoy your terrace in any weather, while limiting your heating and air conditioning expenses. Several elements come into play in the design of a bioclimatic veranda, such as the orientation of its glass surfaces or the choice of its construction materials (roofing, glazing, etc.), which provide good insulation and optimal use of natural energy.

What are the advantages of a retractable patio cover?

When the days are sunny, in just a few movements, your veranda opens to enjoy the sun’s rays. Does a rainstorm spoil the day? Thanks to its sliding glass façade, you can easily protect your terrace.

The bioclimatic retractable veranda allows you to enjoy your terrace and garden in a different way, all year long. Its modularity allows you to create spaces for every occasion and according to the weather. Thus, your retractable veranda can be transformed into a winter garden, a room to invite guests, a relaxation room, a workshop, an office, a covered swimming pool, …

Listening to your needs for your sliding veranda

VERANDAIR® is the only Belgian manufacturer that has been offering a range of sliding verandas with or without floor rails and with total opening for 30 years. Thanks to this experience, we are able to find tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of all our customers.

In addition, our verandas are fully customizable, so they best match the style of your home. So think about installing a retractable veranda in your home!

Advantages of the retractable veranda

Retractable verandas offer many advantages :

  • Being outside your home in a comfortable space;
  • A perfect visibility on your garden from inside your house;
  • Have a brighter, more spacious and more aesthetic home;
  • Enjoy the protection of a covered terrace when it rains;
  • Enjoy an open deck when the weather is nice;
  • Enjoy good meals on the terrace, summer and winter;
  • Manage the surface of your house or garden according to your wishes;
  • Modulate the opening according to the sun, the wind and the temperature.
Véranda rétractable pour particuliers
véranda rétractable pour les particuliers

Manufacturing of our verandas

VERANDAIR® retractable verandas are fully customizable and made to measure.

VERANDAIR® wants to satisfy its customers, which is why only high quality materials are used.

To carry out your veranda project, a technician will come to your home to draw up the plans for your future sliding patio cover. You get a quote quickly! While the price of our residential verandas varies depending on your project, there are VERANDAIR® enclosure solutions for every type of budget. Together, we will design your retractable veranda to meet your needs and fit perfectly into your environment!

Composition of residential conservatories

The structure of retractable verandas for individuals is made of aluminum profiles treated against corrosion and the lacquering of the structure is available in a range of more than 2500 colors. It is an electrostatic powder coating (epoxy) certified Qualicoat® and Qualimarine® (very high resistance to corrosion in marine environment). We have chosen aluminum as the construction material for our range of shelters (terrace, pool, etc.) for its strength and stability. Indeed, it does not suffer the damage that occurs with PVC or wood profiles, for example.

The side walls are made of laminated glass, tempered glass or synthetic glass (plexiglass or polycarbonate) depending on the application. It is also possible to integrate solid panels into the side walls (especially for the base).

The roofs are made of alveolar polycarbonate. They are available in different colors and shades. The screws and accessories are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The castors and guides are made of anti-trace polyamide to avoid damaging the floor of your terrace. They are equipped with stainless steel bearings.

The choice of these quality materials guarantees a long life for your retractable patio cover.

As an option, we also offer custom-made awnings to be integrated into the windows, LED lighting, an automatic opening system with a motorized remote control powered by solar sensors, etc.

Véranda rétractable pour particuliers

Verandas VERANDAIR® : our strengths
Why choose a veranda made by VERANDAIR® ?

An affordable price

Enjoy your terrace all year round

A veranda adapted to your own dimensions

Reliability & robustness

Aluminium structure 15 year warranty

Use of 100% renewable materials

100% Belgian production for over 31 years

Delivery and installation of your veranda by professionals

Verandair® quality
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We put our trust in VERANDAIR and we do not regret it at all. Our pergola was installed by competent, careful people. The after-sales service is impeccable.



The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous and precise work, the follow-up from the manufacturing plans to the final assembly and even the small corrections afterwards, it is very professional!
Congratulations to all the teams who contributed to this.



Top team, boss available. Happy with my investment…



We had no idea how much the addition of a patio cover (45 m2) would improve our quality of life. The Verandair staff guided us to the most suitable solution. There were no nasty surprises. The installation team is as nice as they are efficient (they put in a lot of hard work!). We recommend them 100%.



Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, seriousness and cleanliness from the placement team! All in a friendly manner and with good advice! Belgian company based in Wallonia, eager to meet our expectations throughout our project! To be recommended!


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