How do you enlarge your home?

28 October 2021

Welcoming a new member to your family and feeling cramped for space? Or do you have construction projects in mind? There are many ways to extend your home. But how do you decide which one is right for you? Between the price and the time required, some are simply unaffordable. Others, on the other hand, are a good compromise between your needs and your budget. To help you in your search, Verandair has compiled a list of the options available to you.

The classic house extension

Most of the time, when homeowners plan to extend their home, they opt for the construction of an extension. However, this choice presents a number of constraints.

  • First of all, whether you’re building a veranda-type extension or not, you need to obtain planning permission. However, in order to be issued with one, you must meet a number of criteria imposed by your local authority.
  • Next, various energy performance standards need to be met in order to obtain PEB certification for this new living space. Here again, it is sometimes difficult to comply with the requirements set by public authorities.
  • Finally, if you want to make any changes to your extension, you’ll need to go through all these processes again. If you’re a fan of regular changes, this is the solution to avoid!

Is an extra floor possible?

In the same vein, you can choose to extend your home from above, by playing on the height. To achieve this, it may be necessary to build an additional storey. Beware, however, that not everything is permitted here! You’ll need to comply with your local town planning regulations and work with an architect.

The bioclimatic pergola to enjoy your outdoors

What if, rather than opting for these tedious and costly constructions, you decided to opt for the installation of a removable structure in your garden or on your terrace? The addition of a
terrace shelter
(pergola) offers many advantages for your home:

  • Unlike a veranda, a pergola does not require planning permission.
  • The
    bioclimatic pergola
    adapts to weather conditions thanks to its sliding roof and movable
    movable glass walls
  • You can install your pergola wherever you like, as long as the ground is sufficiently solid and level.
  • The work is quick and inexpensive (just earthworks and installation of the structure).
  • Since you don’t need planning permission, you can personalize your pergola as much as you like. Whether in terms of accessories, colors
    or even materials (wood, aluminum, glass), the possibilities are endless!
  • You can install outdoor furniture without fear (garden furniture, dining table and chairs, hammock, footstool…) and even create an outdoor kitchen (barbecue, plancha, grill…).

Other solutions at your disposal

Rearrange or decompartmentalize your rooms

To save a lot of space, it’s sometimes only necessary to rethink the configuration of your home, for example by opening up certain rooms to open up the space.

You can also completely reorganize your home. Assign the smallest space to where you spend the least time (the kitchen, a library, an office or even a bedroom) and the largest to where you entertain your guests (the living room, for example). To do this, analyze your needs and living habits and determine how best to arrange the various rooms.

Renovate your attic or garage

Often, certain areas of the house are left unused. This is generally the case for garages and attics. Yet these preciousm2 could enable you to unburden your living areas and benefit from additional space.

  • If you have enough usable space in the attic, you can consider adding a bedroom, a bathroom or even a playroom.
  • If you don’t have a window in your garage, opt instead for a laundry room or storage space.

In all cases, these are attractive solutions, since you don’t have to build anything. However, you do so at the expense of storage space (for the attic) or covered parking spaces (for the garage). Another point to consider is
the price
This will also depend on the scope of the work (is the room already semi-finished, or does it need to be finished from top to bottom?)

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