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Which colour for your veranda?

Verandair® verandas come in many colours. You have a choice of smooth, satiny RAL colours, or permanent, non-degradable, scratch-proof colours. There are about 2500 RAL colours, and out of these 50 formal colour variations have been derived.

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Couleur pour votre véranda Verandair: RAL 9010, blanc pur
RAL 6009 - Vert sapin - Couleur pour les vérandas Verandair

RAL 6009 Forest green

RAL 7016 - Gris anthracite - Vérandas Verandair

RAL 7016 Charcoal grey

RAL 8019 brun gris - Véranda Verandair

RAL 8019 Dun


SM 029/15508, RAL 1015 (Ivoire clair) - Véranda Verandair

SM 029/15508 Ral 1015 – Pale ivory

SL 029/71289 RAL 7016 Gris anthracite - Coloris structuré pour véranda

SM 029/71289 Ral 7016 – Charcoal grey

GC 029/70786 - RAL 9008 Gris clair | Véranda Verandair

GC 029/70786 Ral 9008 – Light grey

GF 029/80081, RAL 9005 Noir profond - Coloris pour véranda

GF 029/80081 Ral 9005 – Pitch black

BR 029/60740 - RAL 8014 Brun Taupe - Coloris pour véranda Verandair

BR 029/60740 Ral 8014 – Taupe brown

2500 colour samples

Verandair® gives you the option of choosing the colour for the uprights of your retractable veranda, pergola or patio cover from a chart of 2500 shades. So you’ll be spoilt for choice! You have the option of choosing your preferred colour or colours as close as possible to the ones currently used in your home.

2500 colour samples


The exterior varnishing is applied using an epoxy polyester powder. The varnishes used are previously approved by QUALICOAT which verifies that they have the correct characteristics and durability.

The QUALIMARINE label relates to applications in aggressive atmospheres. It relates to a surface preparation reinforced by a double stripping.

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