7 Outdoor Trends in 2024

2 April 2024

In 2024, the importance of properly integrating our interior and exterior spaces in our design projects is becoming essential for perfect harmony. This year, we’re seeing a significant evolution in the way we think about and use our open spaces.

The outdoors is now an extension of our home, where we can share special moments with our loved ones. In 2024, outdoor landscaping will promote connection with nature, well-being and social interaction. These developments highlight our desire to connect with nature. They also promote well-being and social interaction.

1. The terrace at the heart of garden design

This year, the concept of well-being at home revolves around the terrace. The terrace is now a special place to enjoy the outdoors and life at home. It’s a great place to spend quality time outdoors. The craze for landscaped outdoor spaces, born of the special circumstances of previous years, is continuing and transforming itself in 2024.

The need for space and closeness to nature, reinforced by previous confinements, is influencing our decisions for exterior design in 2024. The terrace and garden are comfortable places that combine nature and well-being to form havens of peace.

Outdoor spaces are increasingly personalized. There are summer kitchens, outdoor lounges under fixed or retractable pergolas, and lounge areas. This makes our gardens and terraces more pleasant and functional.


Respectful, sustainable solutions

In 2024, outdoor design trends are moving towards sustainability and ecology, underlining a clear preference for environmentally-friendly solutions. Pergolas are popular options in 2024, while vertical gardens beautify the space and promote urban biodiversity. These innovations reflect a collective awareness of the importance of harmonizing our living spaces with the surrounding natural environment.

The trend to put plants everywhere is not limited to gardens, but also concerns our homes. It creates spaces where nature is highlighted. The trend towards “green” interiors responds to the need for well-being and connection with nature, even in the city.

At the same time, the use of natural and sustainable materials is booming. In 2024, wood is preferred for exterior structures, for its durability.

Aluminum is increasingly sought-after for garden furniture because of its strength, durability and resistance to rust.

In 2024, we prefer to use ecological and sustainable materials for our outdoor landscaping, to combine comfort, beauty and respect for the environment. This shows our commitment to more responsible and sustainable consumption.

terrace 2024

2. Top-of-the-range garden furniture and decoration

Over the last ten years, the way we look at garden furniture has changed. They have become a symbol of luxury, comfort and modern design. By 2024, demand for high-end outdoor furniture is on the rise, transforming gardens and terraces into extensions of indoor living spaces.

Outdoor furniture brands compete in innovation to meet new expectations, offering collections that are aesthetically pleasing, durable and functional.

Garden furniture is reinvented as a cosy, elegant space where comfort is uncompromising.

The sturdy, designer tables become the ultimate conviviality center, welcoming families and friends in a refined outdoor setting.

The chosen textiles are weather-resistant and add a sophisticated touch to the exterior. Details are important.

luxurious designer furniture

3. Multifunctional, modular spaces

An emerging trend in 2024 is the creation of multifunctional, modular spaces .

These configurations maximize the use of outdoor spaces, making them adaptable to different activities and times of day.

The emphasis is on flexibility, with retractable structures, modular furniture and innovative shading solutions that can easily be adjusted as required.

This trend responds to the growing demand for outdoor spaces capable of accommodating family relaxation, evenings out with friends or telecommuting in the open air.

The retractable patio enclosure
is a versatile, convertible solution, perfectly suited to the changing needs of outdoor living.

It’s easy to open and close, allowing owners to customize their space to suit their needs. It could be for a dining room, a playroom, a terrace or a creative workshop. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities, making every outdoor space truly multifunctional.

Open spa enclosure and glazed pergola on a terrace with grey tiles and jacuzzi

The veranda of tomorrow: continuity between house and garden

As we’ve already mentioned, the boundary between outside and inside continues to thin. For this reason
installation of pergolas
is on the increase. These structures open up the living areas to the outside and provide plenty of light. A perfect example of inside/outside living space.

An extra room: winter garden, seasonal office or artist’s studio

In 2024, the growing interest in telecommuting and home-based creative activities continues to influence the design of our living spaces. These developments give pride of place to home offices and workshops that take up this indoor/outdoor continuity.

5. Less grass, more plants…

To protect the environment, we now prefer outdoor landscaping that uses less natural grass, due to water scarcity problems. Grass is replaced by durable, aesthetic materials such as stone and plants, which require less water.

This style of outdoor landscaping creates modern, eco-friendly gardens, offering green space without the need for intensive maintenance or watering. Planting plants adapted to poor soils or creating flowerbeds on stones is a great option. This allows us to combine natural beauty with respect for the environment.


6. …except in shady areas

Nevertheless, artificial turf is gaining ground in less sun-exposed areas where natural grass struggles to thrive.

This practical solution allows you to maintain a neat, green appearance all year round, without the inconvenience of regular maintenance.

Artificial grass is an ideal alternative for play areas, patios or shady gardens. As well as reducing water consumption, it eliminates the need for mowing. The result is a long-lasting, hassle-free green space.


7. More swimming pools to be built by 2024

Despite our desire to use less water to protect the environment, pool construction is on the rise due to rising temperatures.

This phenomenon is explained by the desire for a cool, relaxing space in the face of increasingly hot summers.

In 2024 and beyond, it will be important to find nature-friendly solutions for installing swimming pools in our gardens, and reduce their environmental impact.

Join the 2024 indoor/outdoor movement and transform your outdoor space into a true haven of peace!

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