2024 Product Brochures

VERANDAIR® solutions allow you to enjoy your outdoors all year round, but also to create modular spaces to suit the seasons and your desires.

Whether you’re a or a professional, there’s a VERANDAIR® solution for you.

Download your 2024 brochure and discover all the VERANDAIR® products that will enable you to enjoy your terrace and/or pool all year round.

Verandair product brochure

Download our brochure and discover the full 2024 range of our products to enjoy your outdoors all year round.

Verandair patio cover brochure

BROCHURE retractable patio cover

Reinvent your terrace by downloading our brochure on the Retractable Patio Cover!

Verandair patio cover brochure

BROCHURE Fixed Roof Pergola

Download our brochure to discover inspiring and robust ideas for fixed-roof Pergolas!

Verandair professional veranda brochure

BROCHURE Les Verandas Professionnelles

Expand your workspace with our professional conservatories and download our brochure to find out more about our dedicated product range!

Verandair pool enclosure brochure

BROCHURE Pool enclosure

Enjoy your pool for longer with our pool enclosures. Discover elegant and practical solutions in our brochure!

Verandair sliding patio door brochure

BROCHURE sliding walls

Maximize light and space with our sliding walls, which you can discover in our brochure. Download it now!