Who we are ?

VERANDAIR® is a Belgian company established since 1990. The company’s headquarters are located in the Mariembourg Business Park, near Couvin in Belgium.

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of aluminum patio covers, pool covers, sliding frames and pergolas. VERANDAIR® has its own range of aluminum profiles created by its internal research and development department.

Our internal and external teams are true professionals capable of accompanying you throughout your project. Each project is unique and requires special attention.

Our history



Once upon a time, there was a small village cobbler…

Since the beginning of the 1980’s, Mr. Michel LANGE, a robust young man from a family of farmers rooted in the rural village of Froidchapelle in the Hainaut boot, has been practicing different trades. Curious mind and adventurous temperament, he is a real jack-of-all-trades. His dynamism is matched only by his work force and his extraordinary adaptability.

Michel LANGE did not study much but he knows intuitively that life is taught on the field. He is the very prototype of the self-taught person in the etymological sense of the term: one who learns by himself, through contact with others and by experimenting with the world. For from the very beginning of his life, Michel LANGE has been experimenting with the world. Endowed with a rare vitality, hungry for new sensations and promising encounters, he first settled as a modest shoemaker in the pretty village of Froidchapelle.


However, Michel LANGE is a lover of freedom and outdoor life. He knows it. As a man of his time, he does not wish to linger any longer in restoring the small trades of yesteryear. For a while he turned to selling greenhouses and garden sheds for one of his brothers. To make himself known, he does not hesitate to travel the roads and to make long journeys to present his projects in Belgium, but especially in France, where he does not miss a trade fair: Nantes, Bordeaux, etc.

Wherever there are commercial and promotional activities, “THE Belgian” is always the first to set up and polish his modest “stand” under the amused gaze of more seasoned competitors. Because “THE Belgian” has the soul of a born salesman and he possesses, like some artists, a form of sixth sense: the one that allows him to meet the right person at the right time. During his many wanderings, he will meet the person who introduced him to pool covers. Encouraging him to occupy this uncrowded niche, he encouraged him, one thing leading to another, to launch his own production in Belgium. Michel LANGE will not be told twice. The spark was there, he found his way.

From craftsmanship to professionalism

The POOL COVER adventure began in June 1990.

To start his new activity of manufacturing “pool covers, Michel LANGE rents a barn from his farmer brother as a workshop, while the garage of the family house serves as his headquarters.

One can imagine that the beginnings are rather timid. In the village, where everyone knows each other, people make fun of Michel and his new fad of making “pool covers” in Belgium.

At that time, in Belgium, who could boast of owning a private pool? What kind of trouble was this “crazy” guy going to get into?

POOL COVER was a quick success. In 10 years, the orders multiplied in Belgium and abroad. Rich of its growing success, the company acquires new premises in the economic activity zone of Mariembourg, in the Province of Namur. It established its head office and workshops there.

After 32 years of existence, the POOL COVER company has changed its face

In 2010, the company opted for a complete overhaul of its range and decided to propose a PREMIUM offer to its customers. Thus, all the components and materials that make up its products are improved to guarantee more resistant and durable structures. The hiring of highly skilled workers also offers new opportunities, including the possibility of covering terraces with retractable shelters.

In 2016, the proportion between the number of pool enclosures and the number of patio enclosures sold reversed.

In 2019, the name POOL COVER may no longer make sense to customers. The company will now be called VERANDAIR. This name was chosen because it is more in line with the products related to the terrace.

VERANDAIR® is the contraction of the words “Veranda” and “Air”. “Veranda” because the structures installed by the company on the terraces are part of this product range. “Air” because these verandas are called retractable.

With a specific design office with its own engineers and draftsmen (exceptional for an SME), the company has found its cruising speed. Better still, its engines are running at full speed.

Visit the factory

Curious to know how our retractable verandas are built? We invite you to visit our factory in Mariembourg by appointment! You will be able to observe the meticulous work of our skilled workers and verify the quality of the materials used and selected on the shutter.

During this visit, you will also be able to observe the efficiency of our state-of-the-art machines. Maintained and checked regularly, they give a performance as fast as precise, allowing VERANDAIR® to keep delivery times between 4 and 12 weeks, depending on the period.

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