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Enjoy your outdoors 365 days a year with a retractable bioclimatic pergola!

Forget the bioclimatic pergola as you know it! We know that the climate in our region can sometimes be capricious. Yes, the bioclimatic pergola has long been considered a way to enjoy your garden all year round.

At VERANDAIR®, we’re proud to present an equally effective andeasy-to-maintain solution: the retractable pergola.

Retractable pergola or traditional bioclimatic pergola?

Retractable veranda on a tiled terrace flush with the garden, with glass table and wicker chairs

Bioclimatic retractable pergola

  • Quick opening and closing
  • Totally enclosed and protected in winter
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Simplified, more frequent maintenance
  • Affordable price without sacrificing quality
Bioclimatic pergola

Bioclimatic pergola traditional

  • Slower blade handling
  • Less protection against the cold and no total closure
  • Customization limited by adjustable slats
  • Regular, complex maintenance to preserve blades
  • High budget



VERANDAIR® retractable pergola features

Quick opening and closing

Thanks to its wheelsyou can open and close your pergola with maximum maximum speedunlike the bioclimatic pergola. And all without the need for floor rails. In this way, you adapt to the instability of belgian and french climates.

With its opening and total closurethe retractable pergola is transformed into a sunbathing area in summer and a 100% protected room room in winter.

Why bioclimatic pergolas aren't suited to our climate


Indeed, the bioclimatic pergola offers definite advantages. However, there are several key elements that make it less suited to climatic conditions of our regions.

High climate variability

When is a bioclimatic pergolaits limitations limits ? In regions where the climate is characterized by variabilitywith rapid rapid weather changes and unpredictable... as in Belgium or in northern France.

Why? Yes, its design is indeed flexible with adjustable blades. However, it does not not a instant adaptation to sudden rains or temperature drops which are common in these areas.

Need complete protection

Visit bioclimatic pergolasbioclimatic pergolas, with their slatted roofs, offer natural ventilation and sunlight control.

However, they cannot provide a complete protection against weather such as driving rain or strong wind. These elements require total closure for effective protection, which is then offered by the retractable pergola.

Insulation for cold seasons

The open design of the bioclimatic pergola is less suitable for cold seasons. Bioclimatic pergolas are therefore unable to offer the same level of insulation or protection from the cold that the retractable pergola .


Choose your own dimensions of your pergolafor a made-to-measure. Our professionals assess the layout of your exterior and your needs.

In this way, you benefit from a pergola that matches your garden, terrace or other, as well as your objectives.

Aluminum with customizable color

Your retractable pergola is made fromaluminumrecognized for its lightness lightness and sturdiness. Thanks to a anti-corrosion coating applied by electrostatic powder coating, in compliance with Qualicoat and Qualimarinestandards, it stands up to the vagaries of the climate.

And with a range of more than 2,500 RAL colorscolors, you can customize your pergola your taste.

Choice of walls and roof

Choose from a variety of styles and premium materials for your pergola design.

For wallsselect the ideal option from tempered tempered or laminated glasslaminated plexiglass and polycarbonate. Looking for more privacy? From solid panels are also available.

As for the roofis made from panels of alveolar polycarbonate panels for optimal insulation. It is available in inclined, flat or semi-flat.

Our equipment for greater comfort

Customize your space with a range of options. Opt for aautomatic opening and give your parties a high-tech touch withLED lighting.

You can also install sun protectionor canvasesa heating heating systemor blinds for maximum comfort in all seasons.

Choice of placement

The retractable pergola, designed as a self-contained stand-alone structureadaptable to any space. It can be at your home for cover a terrace or stand freely in your garden.

Quality & service

Why choose VERANDAIR® for your retractable pergola?

30 years of Belgian manufacturing

With more than 30 years of experience in pergola manufacturing, VERANDAIR® guarantees you quality productsdeveloped by experts

Our passion for designing outdoor spaces is rooted in a rich rich tradition of Belgian know-how. We guarantee quality and satisfaction to our customers.

15-year warranty

Want to be sure of the quality of your pergola? With VERANDAIR®, you benefit from 15-year warranty on your system, instead of the 2-year legal warranty!

Durable, high-quality materials

Our pergolas are made ofaluminum and entirely renewable materials. renewable materialsguaranteeing both aesthetics and durability. Enjoy a long-lasting installation that will enhance your outdoor space for years to come.

Excellent value for money

VERANDAIR® offers retractable pergolas of quality at attractive prices. We are committed to providing a wide public with access to theexcellence without compromising on quality or performance.

About us

your Belgian pergola manufacturer

Since its launch in 1990VERANDAIR® has become a benchmark reference in Belgium for the manufacture of customized pergolas. For more than 30 years, we have been providing quality service to individuals and professionals.

Based in Mariembourg, our company is renowned for its specialization in aluminum pergolas and structures. We are also active in Francein Europe and beyond.

We offer you products that illustrate theexpertise and know-how of our designers and engineers.



Bioclimatic and retractable pergola
Frequently asked questions

What is a bioclimatic pergola made of?

The bioclimatic pergola is mainly made of aluminum, a material renowned for its lightness and durability. It is equipped with an adjustable slatted roof, allowing you to adjust the sunlight and natural ventilation to suit your needs.

How does a bioclimatic pergola work?

The bioclimatic pergola works with a system of adjustable slats on the roof. These slats can be adjusted manually or by remote control, allowing you to control sunlight and natural ventilation, for optimum comfort in all seasons.

What's the difference between bioclimatic and retractable pergolas?

The main difference lies in theadjustment system and flexibility of use. The bioclimatic pergola uses adjustable slats to adjust sunlight and ventilation, while the retractable pergola has a roof that can be fully opened or closed.

It offers instant adaptability to weather conditions. The retractable pergola is ideal for those who want a more flexible option for opening or closing their outdoor space.

Where should a bioclimatic pergola be placed in relation to a retractable one?

The bioclimatic pergola can be installed against your house to cover a terrace, or in your garden to create a new outdoor living space.

The retractable pergola, with its self-supporting structure, offers similar flexibility in terms of placement. It can also be attached to the house or installed independently in the garden.

The choice between the two depends mainly on your specific needs in terms of flexibility of use and adaptation to weather conditions.

Why opt for a retractable pergola rather than a bioclimatic one in our regions?

Retractable pergolas stand out for their ability to adapt instantly to climatic changes. It offers a total protection against rain and cold thanks to its fast opening and closing system. It is ideal for year-round useeven in regions with varying weather conditions.

How does a bioclimatic pergola adapt to different seasons?


Although the bioclimatic pergola offers natural ventilation and sunlight control thanks to its adjustable slats, it can be less effective at providing complete protection during cold seasons or in the face of sudden inclement weather, compared to retractable pergola.

Does a bioclimatic pergola require special maintenance?

Yes, a bioclimatic pergola requires regular regular maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of its adjustable slats and preserve its aluminum structure corrosion. This can include periodic cleaning and orientation mechanisms.

How much does a bioclimatic pergola cost compared with a retractable pergola?

The cost of a bioclimatic pergola can vary according to its sizesize materials and its features additional. In general, bioclimatic pergolas can be more expensive due to their adjustable blade technology.

Retractable pergolas offer a more affordable alternative, without compromising quality or performance.

How to choose between a bioclimatic pergola and a retractable pergola?

The choice between a bioclimatic pergola and a retractable pergola depends on your specific needs in terms of flexibility, d'seasonal useand budget. If you're looking for a solution that's more adaptable to rapid climate change and capable of providing complete protection all seasons, the retractable pergola might be more appropriate.

How does a bioclimatic pergola deal with snow accumulation compared with a retractable pergola?


The bioclimatic pergola, with its adjustable slats, may require manual snow removal to avoid overloading. A retractable pergola, on the other hand,prevents snow accumulation thanks to its opening roof. The result is a structure with greater resistance to snow loads.

Can heating solutions be integrated?

Yes, heating solutions can be added to both bioclimatic and retractable pergolas. However, the retractable pergolawith the option of completely enclosing the space, retains heat better. This makes the more efficient heating during the cold months.

What accessories can I add to my retractable pergola?

Accessories such as LED lightinglighting blindsblinds, heating heating systemsand solar protection can be integrated into your retractable pergola. These additions optimize the use and performance of the comfort of your outdoor space, making it adaptable to all to all weather conditions and time of day.


They talk about it better than we do

Many thanks to “Verandair SA” for manufacturing our pergola, a superb piece of work with an exceptional finish. The assembly was subcontracted to Chartier J. of Couvin. We’re absolutely delighted with the result.

Jean Mathias


For this fantastic project, we would like to thank “Verandair” for the competence of its outstanding teams, its know-how and the exceptional quality of its products. Our congratulations go to the entire chain of people involved in the entire process, from the order to the final completion of the shelter, and from start to finish, we were surrounded by professional excellence.

Thierry Saeys


When dreams become reality
After a visit to the Verandair showroom in Spy, well advised by Mr. Rahmani Vincent, I’m now equipped with a beautiful terrace enclosure. Thanks also to the person in charge of taking the measurements.
The Menuiserie Chartier team did a magnificent job and by the end of the day, everything was finished.
Wow…. nothing but happiness
Thank you

Danièle Ledoux


Impeccable structure, solid, very pretty.

Sandrina Valenzano


The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous, precise work, follow-up from the manufacturing plans to final assembly and even minor corrections after the fact – very professional!
Well done to all the teams who contributed.

Philippe Custers


Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, reliability and cleanliness on the part of the placement team! All in a friendly atmosphere and with good advice! A Belgian company based in Wallonia, committed to meeting our expectations throughout our project! Highly recommended!

Yves Verdonck


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