The solar pergola: innovation and ecology for your home

10 September 2023

The solar pergola is a major innovation in the field of renewable energy and outdoor design. At Verandair, we’re proud to be part of this ecological revolution. In this article, we’ll explore how solar pergolas work, their benefits, costs and much more.


How does a solar pergola work?

A solar pergola is an outdoor structure fitted with solar panels on its roof. Here’s how it works:


1. Capturing solar energy

Solar panels installed on the pergola capture sunlight. These panels contain photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy into direct current.


2 . Energy conversion

An inverter, usually installed near the pergola, converts this direct current into alternating current for use in the house.


3. Use of electricity

The electricity generated can be used to power household appliances, reducing your energy bills. Surplus energy can even be sold back to the power grid.

Fixed photovoltaic panels

Fixed solar panels are installed on the roof of a conventional pergola. The panels capture sunlight and convert it into direct-current electricity. This electricity can be used to power your home or sold back to the grid.

Solar-powered bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats

This innovative model allows you to modulate the pergola according to the weather, providing optimum comfort. Adjustable slats let you control the amount of light and ventilation, making your terrace a pleasant space in all seasons.


Why install solar panels on your pergola?

Installing solar panels on a pergola rather than on the roof of the house offers several unique advantages. Firstly, it allows you to use an often unused space for energy production, without affecting the aesthetics of your home. With a pergola equipped with photovoltaic panels, you can decide the angle and orientation in relation to the sun, unlike with a roof. This can increase the efficiency of energy production.

Turn your pergola into a solar carport

A particularly interesting example is the solar carport. Not only does it protect your vehicle from the elements, it also turns a simple carport into a renewable energy source. The solar carport is an elegant solution that maximizes the use of space while contributing to sustainability.


Different types of solar pergolas

  • Solar terrace pergola: transform your terrace into an eco-friendly living space. Enjoy the shade and free energy generated by the solar panels.
  • Solar carport: An aluminum carport equipped with solar panels protects your vehicle while generating electricity.
  • Solar pool pergola: create an elegant cover for your pool while reducing your energy bills.

4 advantages of installing a solar pergola

  • Generate electricity: Reduce your bills and help the environment.
  • Build a profitable project: A long-term investment with a rapid return.
  • Participate in the ecological transition: use clean, renewable energy.
  • Create a new living space: enjoy your outdoors in an eco-friendly way.

Price of a solar pergola

The price of a solar pergola installation can vary considerably depending on several factors, such as size, type of solar panels, complexity of the installation, and region.

In general, the cost of a quality solar pergola is between €5,000 and €15,000. A solar carport, for example, can be a more economical option, offering both protection for your vehicle and renewable energy production.

Contact one of our Verandair advisors for a detailed estimate of your project!

Don’t wait any longer to switch to a solar pergola!

As you can see, the solar pergola is more than just a trend; it’s a solution for the future.

At Verandair, we’re ready to help you with this exciting project. Request a quote online today, or visit one of our showrooms to discover how a solar pergola can transform your outdoor space.

Don’t miss this opportunity to combine innovation, ecology and elegance. Your solar pergola is waiting for you!

Frequently asked questions

Is it hot under a solar pergola?

No, the structure is designed to provide comfortable shelter.

How to install solar panels on a pergola?

Contact our experts for a professional installation.

How powerful are the panels on a solar pergola?

The output of photovoltaic panels on a solar pergola can vary depending on the size of the pergola, the type of panels chosen and the orientation in relation to the sun. Typical power ratings range from 1 kW to 5 kW or more. It’s important to talk to a professional to determine the optimum wattage for your energy needs and the location of the pergola.

How does a solar pergola contribute to self-consumption of energy?

Self-consumption refers to the consumption of energy that you produce yourself. With a solar pergola, you can generate electricity using photovoltaic panels and use it directly in your home. This reduces your dependence on the electricity grid and gives you control over your own energy production and consumption. The solar pergola is therefore an excellent way of promoting self-consumption, offering you a renewable energy source right at your fingertips.

Still undecided?

Our buying guide simplifies your choice with 19 key questions! Avoid surprises and make the most of your future pergola.

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