The 8 VERANDAIR ® commitments

VERANDAIR® manufactures all its products in Belgium, and is committed to guaranteeing the quality and durability of its products over time. The company holds numerous labels and carries out regular quality tests in its workshop. VERANDAIR® meets the most stringent requirements to guarantee its customers the best aluminum quality on the market, and a long-lasting appearance. You’ll find all our commitments below.


100% made-to-measure!

VERANDAIR® creates customized solutions to offer you the retractable patio cover you need. For 30 years, VERANDAIR® has taken an interest in technological advances to create terrace shelters that blend in perfectly with their environment and are ever simpler to use.

Structure guaranteed for 15 years!

While the legal warranty for our products is 2 years, VERANDAIR® offers all its customers an additional 13-year commercial warranty on the structure, so they can enjoy this living space, which breathes new life into their homes, with complete peace of mind.

Lacquering guaranteed for 10 years!

VERANDAIR® lacquered aluminum profiles come with a 10-year warranty to guarantee optimum quality. Our treatment enables them to withstand even the harshest weather conditions (bad weather, snow, sub-zero temperatures, intense UV, etc.), so you can enjoy your new living space to the full.

35 years of experience!

More than 35 years ago, Michel Lange decided to enhance our interiors by devoting himself to the creation of verandas. Over the years, the company has specialized in retractable structures, as well as pergolas and pool covers for private and professional customers.

+7000 projects completed!

Under the impetus of Rudy Lange and his sister Betty, who took over the company in 2010, VERANDAIR® continues to grow, exporting its verandas to countries not only in Europe, but also in Africa and North America. To date, VERANDAIR® has built over 7,000 custom projects.

+95% satisfied customers!

For 30 years now, VERANDAIR® has been committed to a quality process that systematically assesses customer satisfaction, to give them the certainty of having made the best choice. For VERANDAIR®, there’s nothing more gratifying than hearing or reading about customer satisfaction.

Made 100% in Belgium!

VERANDAIR ® designs and manufactures all its products in Spy, not far from Jemeppe-sur-Sambre in Belgium. The family business generates sales of 4 million euros and employs no less than 30 people, to which should be added 110 external collaborators.

100% eco-friendly materials!

For over 30 years, VERANDAIR® has been committed to an eco-responsible approach aimed at reducing its environmental impact. This commitment is reflected in the use of aluminum for its structures, one of the most recycled materials in the world! Both economical and ecological, aluminum recycling requires 95% less electrical energy than its original production, thus limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.