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Enjoy year-round comfort with a low pool enclosure!

Would you like to install a discreet, secure pool enclosure? Thelow pool enclosure is the perfect answer to your needs. The pool enclosure blends easily into your garden. Its height can vary from 60 cm to 90 cm.

The various models of low pool enclosure help to maintain temperature, protect the pool from leaves, branches…

This summer, make the most of your pool with a low pool enclosure by VERANDAIR®.

Pool enclosure


VERANDAIR®low pool en closure specifications

Customization of the Low Pool Enclosure


At Verandair, on simple request and WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE, it is possible to :

  • Move the sliding door to the front and/or back panel
  • Change the height of the brushes on the tilting front panel and the fixed back panel
  • Raise the fixed base to allow it to be moved without scrubbing the floor (large brushes)
  • Replace translucent roofing sheets with white OPALIN sheets
  • Replace brushes between elements with black EPDM seals

Modular structure


The pool enclosure is made up of 4 elements, 1 fixed and 3 sliding, giving it exceptional modularity. This structure allows perfect flexibility to adapt to your pool's use and maintenance needs.

Elegant Color Palette


The low pool enclosure is available in anthracite grey, prodond black and quartz grey. This shelter blends in perfectly with any outdoor environment. These modern shades add a touch of elegance to your pool area.

Perfect dimensions


With a height of between 0.60m and 0.90m, this low pool enclosure effectively covers your pool. These dimensions guarantee optimum protection and preserve the aesthetics of your pool.

Synthetic glazing


The low pool enclosure features Plexiglas glazing for exceptional clarity and impact resistance. The option of motorized opening and the possibility of choosing colors from samples provide ease of use and customization according to your preferences.

Quality & service

Choose a VERANDAIR® low pool enclosure

Made in Belgium for 30 years

Forover 30 years, we have been manufacturing our low-level pool enclosures in Belgium. Our experience and know-how are your guarantee of high-quality, low-profile pool enclosures, designed and built by seasoned professionals.

A team attentive to your needs

We listen to your requests and desires. Thanks to our wide range of customization options, we can work with you to create the perfect low-level pool enclosure for your needs.

Renewable, high-quality materials

We use quality materials such as aluminum to manufacture our low-profile pool enclosures, as well as 100% renewable materials. These enable us to provide you with low-profile pool enclosures that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. So you can enjoy your installation for a long time to come!

Excellent value for money

At VERANDAIR®, we’re proud to offer you high-quality, low-profile pool enclosures at attractive prices. We make pergolas affordable for a wide range of customers, without compromising quality or performance.

About us

your Belgian manufacturer of low-level pool enclosures

Since its creation in 1990, VERANDAIR® has become a Belgian leader in the creation of made-to-measure pergolas for private and professional customers. Located in Mariembourg, our Walloon company stands out for its expertise in low-level pool enclosures. Active mainly in Belgium, we also offer our services in France, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Thanks to our team of experienced engineers and designers, we offer innovative, ingenious products that reflect our technical excellence and know-how.


Low pool enclosure
Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a low pool enclosure and a high pool enclosure?


Thelow pool enclosure is distinguished by its discretion and its ability to blend perfectly into your garden without obstructing the view. And yes, it offers effective protection while preserving the aesthetics of your outdoor space, which is not entirely the case with a high pool enclosure.

What is the maximum permissible tolerance between theoretical and actual dimensions?


There is a a possible tolerance of 3%. between the theoretical dimensions validated by the customer through drawings and the actual dimensions of the product delivered. The seller and his customer must take this into account and allow for the tolerances needed to place the shelter without difficulty.

Do I need planning permission to install a low pool enclosure?


Requirements can vary, but in general, low pool enclosures don't require planning permission, especially as they are so low. However, we recommend that you check your local regulations before installing your low pool abi.

How does the pool enclosure's system of sliding modules on wheels differ from that of an airtight building?


The system of sliding modules on castors can never be considered a hermetic building, whether in terms of roofs, doors, openings, glazed surfaces, between sliding elements or other connecting systems.

What is the minimum thickness of the concrete sill to ensure adequate support?


The customer must ensure that the support (floor) for the pool enclosure is provided witha concrete sill at least 15 cm thick at the level of its runway.

Is the pool enclosure weatherproof?


The pool enclosure featuresa lightweight aluminum structure compliant with French standard NF P90-309. He is able to withstand a snow load equivalent to or less than 60kg/m2. In case of snow, it is important to clear snow the shelter to avoid the risk of irreversible deformation.

What slope is recommended for tiles to avoid infiltration?


To prevent rainwater infiltration through the floor, the customer must ensure that a slope in the tiling which starts at its highest point on the inside, towards the outside of the shelter. In general, a 1% slope is considered sufficient.


They talk about it better than we do

Many thanks to “Verandair SA” for manufacturing our pergola, a superb piece of work with an exceptional finish. The assembly was subcontracted to Chartier J. of Couvin. We’re absolutely delighted with the result.

Jean Mathias


For this fantastic project, we would like to thank “Verandair” for the competence of its outstanding teams, its know-how and the exceptional quality of its products. Our congratulations go to the entire chain of people involved in the entire process, from the order to the final completion of the shelter, and from start to finish, we were surrounded by professional excellence.

Thierry Saeys


When dreams become reality
After a visit to the Verandair showroom in Spy, well advised by Mr. Rahmani Vincent, I’m now equipped with a beautiful terrace enclosure. Thanks also to the person in charge of taking the measurements.
The Menuiserie Chartier team did a magnificent job and by the end of the day, everything was finished.
Wow…. nothing but happiness
Thank you

Danièle Ledoux


Impeccable structure, solid, very pretty.

Sandrina Valenzano


The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous, precise work, follow-up from the manufacturing plans to final assembly and even minor corrections after the fact – very professional!
Well done to all the teams who contributed.

Philippe Custers


Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, reliability and cleanliness on the part of the placement team! All in a friendly atmosphere and with good advice! A Belgian company based in Wallonia, committed to meeting our expectations throughout our project! Highly recommended!

Yves Verdonck


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