How do you protect your outdoor Jacuzzi?

25 July 2022

You love spending time on your terrace, admiring the view over the garden and savoring the atmosphere. Would you like to create a relaxing water feature in your home? Have you already installed a Jacuzzi to relax in? In order to provide you with
against the vagaries of the weather, and to limit wear and tear, think about sheltering it. Discover below the best solutions for protecting your outdoor Jacuzzi.

The pergola, the ideal protection for your outdoor spa

A spa is a miniature pool in which you can relax with water jet massages. To protect it, an aluminum pergola offers many advantages.

Protects from rain and sun

The pergola is an excellent protection against rain and sun for a spa. However, to ensure that the pergola is suitable for your Jacuzzi, it’s important to take into account the type of pergola material. Wood and metal, for example, are recommended for weather resistance, as they are strong enough to remain anchored in the ground. It’s also advisable to provide ventilation to prevent the air from becoming too confined under the pergola.

Set up wherever you want

You can install your spa‘s pergola anywhere, whether on a terrace, in a garden or on a rooftop, as long as you take into account the sunlight and luminosity of the chosen location. You also need to make sure that the location you choose for the pergola is stable, and that the ground is solid enough to support the weight of the pergola.


It’s self-supporting , meaning it doesn’t need to be fixed to a wall or existing structure. What’s more, this type of pergola is generally less expensive to install than fixed pergolas.

Long service life

A pergola will last a very long time if you choose the right one for the job, and maintain it regularly to keep it in good condition. What’s more, it’s distinguished by its robust, weather-resistant roofing, since it’s not made of canvas or tiles, but of glass or aluminum.

Made to measure

To protect your spa, you can order a custom-made pergola. You can be sure that the pergola will fit perfectly into the available space and cover the entire surface of your spa. This also gives you the opportunity to customize it to suit your tastes and needs. The aim is to create a pergola that blends in perfectly with your garden and terrace.


The glass roof

Choose the fixed polycarbonate or laminated glass roof to create a magical atmosphere in your outdoor spa. It also protects you from prying eyes, if you’ve installed your spa in your garden, for example. If you run a hotel, it’s perfect for covering the terrace of rooms offering a private spa, since people on the upper floors won’t be able to see their occupants’ activity.

The fixed roof is also resistant to rain, hail, snow, wind and gusts of wind.

Bioclimatic aluminum roofing

This roof is ideal for jacuzzis because it can be opened to suit your needs and the weather. In fact, it’s made up of several blades that open when operated by remote control. When you’re in the spa, open them to create a breeze around you. As soon as it rains or if the sun beats down too hard, close the slats of your bioclimatic pergola or orientate them differently so you can continue to enjoy your jacuzzi to the full.

Why cover your pergola?

When you protect your spa with a cover, you’re ensuring its hygiene. In fact, the cover makes your Jacuzzi airtight, preventing the intrusion of waste into the water (leaves, insects, dead branches).

There are also covers with drawstrings to protect your spa from the elements and gusts of wind.

Other existing shelters for your spa

The garden shed

Generally made of wood, the garden shed is distinguished by its bucolic style. When you’re relaxing in your spa, it’s there to protect you from the elements, even if they’re only slightly larger than the tank. Some models simply overcome it, with their 4 pillars placed at the 4 corners of the unit. These two structures are often covered with tiles, sheet metal, wood or thatch…

The tent

A tent, dome, marquee or arbour provides excellent protection for a Jacuzzi in your garden. They often accompany rental spas, as they are easy to install and transport. This type of protection does not require any construction work or attachment to a structure. So it can be set up quickly and easily, even if you don’t have much DIY experience.

The parasol

Supported by a foot, the parasol sits atop your spa and protects you from sunburn. This type of protection has the advantage of being practical and affordable. However, you’ll need to cover your hot tub with a cover to prevent the water from getting dirty.

The sliding glass wall

This is a pergola that transforms into a veranda once you close its telescopic glass walls. It allows you to enjoy your outdoor spa in winter, but also in adverse weather conditions. It significantly reduces the risk of water pollution by dust, insects and vegetation debris, even if you don’t systematically protect it with a cover.

Accessories to protect your relaxation area

There are many ways to accessorize your outdoor spa’s pergola to make it a comfortable relaxation area. The first option is toadd blinds or curtains to protect you from the sun and preserve your privacy.

The second is toinstall floor cushions to add comfort and warmth to the space. You can choose cushions that are suitable for the outdoor environment and are water-resistant.

The third option is to place climbing plants to add color and greenery to your pergola. You can choose flowering climbers or foliage climbers, depending on your taste and the atmosphere you want.

Setting up your spa

First and foremost, the spa must be placed on a floor or structure that can support its weight, since it can weigh over 2 tons. Ideally, it should be installed in a non-windy area. You can integrate it into your garden to create a small pool surrounded by an attractive wooden deck. Insulation may be essential to reduce heat loss. The cover is necessary if you don’t intend to use it for a long time.

In conclusion, a multitude of spa design possibilities are available to you. Opting for an aluminum structure will give it a special charm, since it is aesthetically pleasing. The pergola is also available in a range of colors, and can be decorated to suit your personal taste.

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