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Enjoy your pool all year round with a retractable pool enclosure

With the VERANDAIR® retractable pool enclosure, you can enjoy your pool all year round! This efficient, aesthetic and safe installation protects your pool from dirt, leaves, branches and bad weather. What’s more, the pool enclosure keeps the water at the right temperature until your next swim.


Our different VERANDAIR®pool enclosure models

The High Pool Enclosure


The high pool enclosure forms a brand new relaxation area. Thanks to its motorized retractable system, you can enjoy a covered pool on cooler, rainier days, and an open-air pool on sunny ones. This shelter can be attached to a wall of your house, like an extension, or set up independently in your garden.

Mi-Haut Pool Enclosure


At less than 1.80 m high, the mid-height pool enclosure is high enough to move around in once closed, but is not considered a habitable surface and therefore does not require planning permission. The structure can be installed as a back-to-back or freestanding unit. The half-high pool enclosure has an accordion-shaped front.

The Low Pool Enclosure


The low pool enclosure has a height that varies between 60 and 90 cm, depending on the model. More practical than a conventional cover, this structure effectively protects your pool from dirt and weather when it's not in use. This pool enclosure has a folding or tilting front, depending on the model.

Pool Enclosures for Communities


For sports centers , hotels, campsites, public pools and other professional entities, our collective pool enclosures are custom-designed to fit large spaces.

Each model in our selection of pool enclosures is equipped with a roof made of translucent polycarbonate honeycomb, a material treated against UV rays and up to 250 times more resistant than glass. The side walls, made from the same polycarbonate glazing, offer the advantage of being four times lighter than glass, making it easy to quickly fold up the stackable walls of this equipment. Although the telescopic enclosure is equipped with a motorized system, two people can easily open and close it manually.

Jacuzzi Shelter


If you have the luxury of a Jacuzzi at home and want to use it in all weathers without covering it, aspa enclosure is the perfect solution for you. This enclosure lets you enjoy your outdoor spa all year round, whatever the weather.

Jacuzzi enclosures are built with the same high-quality materials used for our pool enclosures, and benefit from the same attention to detail in their assembly. They are also available in a wide range of colors.

Thanks to this Jacuzzi cover, you can relax in the water, summer or winter, rain, snow or shine.

The pool house


Want to make the most of your pool and outdoors? Install a VERANDAIR® pool house in your garden. This closed aluminium structure with wood cladding forms a modern leisure and relaxation area just a few steps from your pool. The pool house is the perfect place to relax!

Pool enclosure


VERANDAIR®retractable pool en closure features

Telescopic system


All VERANDAIR® pool enclosures are retractable. Depending on the model, the structure can be opened and closed manually or by motor and remote control. This telescopic pool enclosure protects the water in your pooland maintains a pleasant water temperature thanks to the greenhouse effect.

Different heights


Our retractable pool enclosures are available in different heights, from 2 m to 60 cm. They can be adapted to your needs in terms of protection and use of your pool.

Backed or Independent


Most of our pool enclosure models can be leaned against the façade to create a pool area as an extension of your home. Our enclosures can also be installed independently, wherever your pool is in the garden.

Made to measure


Small, medium or large pool? We adapt the length and width of our enclosures to the size of your pool. All our products are custom-built to perfectly match your exterior and the dimensions of your pool.



Would you like to customize your telescopic pool enclosure? We can make adaptations to suit your needs: opening direction, roof materials, etc.

Quality & service

Choose a VERANDAIR® pool en closure

Belgian design and manufacture

What makes us special? We control every stage in the production chain of our products. We design and manufacture our own pool enclosures. You benefit from a unique, 100% Belgian product.

Impeccable service

Our responsive team is always ready to listen and respond to your needs. We support you in your project, before, during and after installation.

Pool enclosure specialist for over 30 years

At VERANDAIR®, we’ve been making pool enclosures since our company was founded! Over the years, our products have grown, our range has expanded and today we offer high-quality structures.

Quality first and foremost

Whether it’s the materials we use or the design of our products, we make it a point of honor to provide you with a quality pool enclosure. Our aluminum installations are sturdy, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

About us

Who we are

Located in Mariembourg, VERANDAIR® is a Belgian company specializing in the design and creation of outdoor products such as pool covers, pergolas, carports and pool houses. Founded in 1990, this Walloon company has established itself as one of Belgium’s leading manufacturers of custom pool enclosures for private and professional customers.

At VERANDAIR®, we have our own team of engineers and designers. They design unique, innovative, high-quality products that reflect our experience, expertise and know-how in the field.


Pool enclosure
Frequently asked questions

What is a VERANDAIR® retractable pool enclosure?


The VERANDAIR® retractable pool enclosure is a telescopic protective cover designed to protect your pool from external elements such as dirt, leaves and bad weather. It also helps maintain water temperature thanks to the greenhouse effect.

What are the advantages of a retractable pool enclosure?


The retractable pool enclosure offers many advantages. It provides an effective protective cover against debris, making it easy to maintain your pool water. It also helps to conserve water heat. It also offers increased safety around the pool. Thanks to its telescopic system, you can enjoy the pool in a variety of weather conditions.

Can pool enclosures be customized?


Yes, VERANDAIR® pool enclosures can be customized. You choose the dimensions of your telescopic enclosure, as well as other options, such as the opening direction or the materials used for the roof. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Are there different types of pool enclosure?


Yes, there are three categories of pool enclosure: high, medium and low. Each has different models. To help you find the one that's right for you, don't hesitate to contact our team to discuss your project.

Do I need planning permission to install a pool enclosure?


This depends on the height and design of the shelter. For example, mid-rise pool enclosures (less than 1.80 m high) and low-rise pool enclosures generally don't require a permit.

Where can I install my retractable pool enclosure?


Depending on the model, our pool enclosures can be attached to the front of your house. In this case, they present themselves as a pleasant extension. Our shelters can also be installed independently in your garden, where your pool is located.

How can I get a quote for a pool enclosure?


To get an idea of the price of your future telescopic pool enclosure, we invite you to request a quote. Based on your needs and desires, we'll be able to provide you with a detailed price estimate for your project.


They talk about it better than we do

Many thanks to “Verandair SA” for manufacturing our pergola, a superb piece of work with an exceptional finish. The assembly was subcontracted to Chartier J. of Couvin. We’re absolutely delighted with the result.

Jean Mathias


For this fantastic project, we would like to thank “Verandair” for the competence of its outstanding teams, its know-how and the exceptional quality of its products. Our congratulations go to the entire chain of people involved in the entire process, from the order to the final completion of the shelter, and from start to finish, we were surrounded by professional excellence.

Thierry Saeys


When dreams become reality
After a visit to the Verandair showroom in Spy, well advised by Mr. Rahmani Vincent, I’m now equipped with a beautiful terrace enclosure. Thanks also to the person in charge of taking the measurements.
The Menuiserie Chartier team did a magnificent job and by the end of the day, everything was finished.
Wow…. nothing but happiness
Thank you

Danièle Ledoux


Impeccable structure, solid, very pretty.

Sandrina Valenzano


The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous, precise work, follow-up from the manufacturing plans to final assembly and even minor corrections after the fact – very professional!
Well done to all the teams who contributed.

Philippe Custers


Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, reliability and cleanliness on the part of the placement team! All in a friendly atmosphere and with good advice! A Belgian company based in Wallonia, committed to meeting our expectations throughout our project! Highly recommended!

Yves Verdonck


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