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Enjoy more space in your home with a bioclimatic veranda !

The VERANDAIR retractable patio cover (also known as the véranda cabriolet offers the possibility of creating a modular space to your home. Unlike conventional verandas, our terrace enclosures are designed to fit directly onto your terrace. and can be fully retracted in a matter of seconds. This way, you can enjoy your outdoors whatever the weather. With a terrace that’s open in fine weather or well protected from the cold and bad weather, you can enjoy the ambience of your garden all year round.

A retractable veranda allows benefit from more space and more light in the home. A real gain in comfort!



VERANDAIR® retractable veranda specifications

Modulate opening to suit the weather


When the days are sunny, your retractable veranda can be opened to enjoy the sun's rays in just a few movements. A shower spoils the day? Thanks to its sliding glass front, it's just as easy to protect your terrace.

The bioclimatic retractable veranda lets you enjoy your terrace and garden in a whole new way, throughout the year. Its modularity means you can create spaces for every occasion and every weather. Your retractable veranda can be transformed into a winter garden, a room for inviting guests, a relaxation room, a workshop, an office, a covered swimming pool, etc.

Custom Manufacturing


VERANDAIR® retractable verandas are fully customizable and made-to-measure.

VERANDAIR® is committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we only use high-quality materials.

To carry out your bioclimatic veranda project, a technician comes to your home to draw up the plans for your future sliding patio enclosure. Get a quote fast! While the price of our residential verandas varies according to your project, VERANDAIR® enclosure solutions are also available. for all budgets. Together, we'll design your retractable veranda to meet your needs and blend in perfectly with your surroundings!

Perfect visibility in your garden


VERANDAIR terrace enclosures have a bioclimatic bioclimatic design. They are designed to make the most of the sun's energy to naturally warm your conservatory in winter. This principle also protects you from the sun's rays and the heat of summer. In this way, you can enjoy your garden to the full, whatever the weather, while limiting your heating and air-conditioning costs. You also benefit from a permanent view of the outside of your home, so you can admire the flowers in your garden from the comfort of your own home.

Quality Materials


The structure of retractable home conservatories is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum profiles, and the structure is available in a range of over 2,500 colors. This is an electrostatic powder coating (epoxy) with Qualicoat® and Qualimarine® certification (very high resistance to corrosion in marine environments). We have chosen aluminum as the construction material for our range of shelters (terrace, pool, etc.) for its strength and stability. In fact, it is not subject to the damage that occurs with pvc or wood profiles, for example.

The side walls are made of laminated glass, tempered glass or synthetic glazing (Plexiglas or polycarbonate), depending on the application. As an accessory, solid panels can be integrated into the side walls (particularly for baseboards).

The roofs are made of alveolar polycarbonate. They are available in various shades and hues. Fasteners and accessories are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Castors and guides are made of polyamide anti-scratch to avoid damaging your terrace floor. These are fitted with stainless steel bearings.

The choice of these quality materials guarantees your retractable patio enclosure a long service life.

As an option, we also offer custom-made blinds to be integrated into the glazing, LED lighting, an automatic opening system with remote-control motorization powered by solar sensors, etc.

Quality & service

Choose a VERANDAIR® bioclimatic retractable veranda

Made in Belgium for 30 years

For over 30 years, we have been manufacturing our retractable verandas in Belgium. Our experience and know-how guarantee you high-quality retractable verandas, designed and manufactured by seasoned professionals.

A team attentive to your needs

We listen to your requests and desires. Thanks to a wide range of customization options, we can work with you to create the bioclimatic veranda that perfectly meets your needs.

Renewable, high-quality materials

We use quality materials such as aluminum to manufacture our retractable roof verandas, as well as 100% renewable materials. These enable us to provide you with bioclimatic verandas that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. So you can enjoy your installation for a long time to come!

Excellent value for money

At VERANDAIR®, we’re proud to offer you high-quality retractable verandas at an attractive price. We make the retractable conservatory available to a wide range of customers, without compromising quality or performance.

About us

your belgian manufacturer of retractable verandas

Since its creation in 1990, VERANDAIR® has become a Belgian leader in the creation of bioclimatic verandas for private and professional customers. Located in Mariembourg, our Walloon company stands out for its expertise in retractable verandas. Active mainly in Belgium, we also offer our services in France, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Thanks to our team of experienced engineers and designers, we offer innovative, ingenious products that reflect our technical excellence and know-how.


Bioclimatic retractable veranda
Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of a bioclimatic retractable veranda?


Can a bioclimatic retractable veranda be customized?


Options include choices of materials, colors, glazing types andopenings. They are adapted to your needs and the architecture of your home.

What is the average cost of a bioclimatic retractable veranda?


Cost varies according to size, materials and specifications. For an accurate estimate of your bioclimatic veranda, we recommend a personalized quotation.

Can a bioclimatic retractable veranda be installed on any type of building?


The bioclimatic veranda can be installed on various types of building, with a custom design to suit each specific architecture.


They talk about it better than we do

Many thanks to “Verandair SA” for manufacturing our pergola, a superb piece of work with an exceptional finish. The assembly was subcontracted to Chartier J. of Couvin. We’re absolutely delighted with the result.

Jean Mathias


For this fantastic project, we would like to thank “Verandair” for the competence of its outstanding teams, its know-how and the exceptional quality of its products. Our congratulations go to the entire chain of people involved in the entire process, from the order to the final completion of the shelter, and from start to finish, we were surrounded by professional excellence.

Thierry Saeys


When dreams become reality
After a visit to the Verandair showroom in Spy, well advised by Mr. Rahmani Vincent, I’m now equipped with a beautiful terrace enclosure. Thanks also to the person in charge of taking the measurements.
The Menuiserie Chartier team did a magnificent job and by the end of the day, everything was finished.
Wow…. nothing but happiness
Thank you

Danièle Ledoux


Impeccable structure, solid, very pretty.

Sandrina Valenzano


The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous, precise work, follow-up from the manufacturing plans to final assembly and even minor corrections after the fact – very professional!
Well done to all the teams who contributed.

Philippe Custers


Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, reliability and cleanliness on the part of the placement team! All in a friendly atmosphere and with good advice! A Belgian company based in Wallonia, committed to meeting our expectations throughout our project! Highly recommended!

Yves Verdonck


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