Tips for cleaning your pergola

9 November 2023

It’s true that cleaning isn’t always fun. However, cleaning your
is not just a question of aesthetics. It is also indispensable for its durability over the years.

With the few tricks we’ll be looking at together, you’ll ensure a welcoming outdoor space that retains its former glory.


When should you clean your pergola?

Cleaning your pergola should be seen as regular maintenance rather than a one-off chore. Ideally, a thorough cleaning should be carried out twice a year, in early spring to prepare the exterior for the summer season, and in late autumn to remove dead leaves and other debris.

With the exception of pergolas located near trees or in an industrial environment, which require more frequent cleaning. And yes! These pergolas are more likely to accumulate dirt and residues of all kinds.

Pergola with sliding bay and protective screen

What equipment is needed for effective cleaning?

To clean your pergola, you’ll need basic equipment such asa ladder, work gloves, a soft sponge, a bucket of lukewarm water and microfiber cloths.

We strongly advise against the use of high-pressure cleaners, as they can damage your pergola’s paintwork and joints. For this reason, we advise you to use moderate pressure and place the unit at an appropriate distance from the pergola.


How do I clean the pergola structure?

The procedure for cleaning the
pergola structure
is very simple. It can be summed up in the following steps:

  • Start by removing visible debris by hand or with a broom.
  • Then wash the structure with a sponge soaked in your cleaning solution. Gently rub the pergola structure to avoid scratching the surface, then rinse with clean water.
  • Finally, dry with a clean cloth to avoid water marks.

Do you have stains embedded in the pergola? For stubborn stains, use a product specifically designed for the material of your pergola (aluminum, pvc, etc.). The result is a perfectly clean pergola with no stains left.


How do I clean the slats of a bioclimatic pergola?

Do you have a pergola, but not just any pergola – a bioclimatic one? This requires special cleaning. Bioclimatic louvers require special attention. You need to clean them in the open position to access all surfaces. Then use a soft bristle brush to remove the dirt between the blades and rinse thoroughly.

Are your blades equipped with orientation mechanisms? Apply a suitable lubricant after cleaning to ensure their smooth operation.

retractable patio cover

How do I care for my pergola accessories?

Accessories such as LED lighting, awnings or outdoor heaters also need to be cleaned. Here’s how to clean each of these components.


LED lighting

As the sun begins to set, LED lighting adds a warm, luminous touch to your pergola. When cleaning LED lights, it’s important to ensure that the electricity is switched off for safety reasons. When this is done, use a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust from the surfaces.

If insects or cobwebs have accumulated inside the covers or shades, carefully remove them and clean the surface of the lights with warm, soapy water. Of course, make sure everything is completely dry before putting the LED lights back where they belong.



Awnings provide shade and an intimate atmosphere for your pergola. However, blinds can easily accumulate dust and debris. To clean them, dust them regularly with a soft brush.

Looking for a deep clean?

Use a solution of warm water and mild soap, and rub gently with a sponge or cloth. Then rinse with clean water and allow the blinds to dry completely before reassembling. Why? This will prevent the appearance of mildew or water stains on your blinds.

modern house with a bioclimatic pergola accessorized with blinds

Outdoor heaters

Outdoor heaters are very practical and particularly appreciated for winter days or cool evenings. Before cleaning any outdoor heating system, make sure it’s switched off and cooled down completely. Use a dry cloth or soft brush to remove dust and cobwebs.

For metal surfaces, a mild cleaner can be used to remove any fingerprints or small stains.

For hard-to-reach areas,a compressed-air canister can be used. This allows you to dislodge dirt without too much difficulty.


Regular maintenance of your
not only preserves the appearance of your pergola, but also ensures its smooth operation year after year.

Do you find cleaning too tedious? You don’t have much time to clean your pergola? Call on our Vérandair professionals, who will take care of your installation with the right products and techniques.

Verandair bioclimatic pergola brochure

New VERANDAIR® brochure

Download our brochure and discover our pergolas. Thanks to our pergolas, you can enjoy your outdoors all year round. Follow our advice on choosing the right pergola!

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