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Why choose a VERANDAIR® pergola?

Enjoy your outdoors all year round with our quality Belgian pergolas

Verandair has been your Belgian manufacturer of pergolas, terrace and pool en closures for over 30 years. We manufacture your custom pergola from 100% renewable materials. All our pergolas can be customized to suit your needs and desires. You’ll benefit from a robust, reliable system that’s professionally manufactured, delivered and installed – all at an affordable price!

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Fixed pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas, retractable pergolas, pool shelters, carports… Consult our creations, find inspiration and start your project with VERANDAIR®.

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Retractable shelter, bioclimatic pergola, fixed-roof pergola, retractable pergola, pool shelter, veranda for Horeca… At VERANDAIR®, we have a model to suit your needs.

Pergola ouverte avec jardin fleuri

The fixed-roof pergola

VERANDAIR® manufactures your fixed-roof pergola. This installation offers comfort and aesthetic appeal to your exteriors. The fixed-roof pergola is a real place for relaxation. When the warm weather returns, a fixed-roof pergola lets you take advantage of the mild weather while offering protection against UV, wind and rain.

Unique and pleasing, the VERANDAIR® fixed-roof pergola is made of aluminum profiles and covered with a transparent or opaque glass roof for added protection. VERANDAIR® pergolas can be customized to suit your home and style.

Abri de terrasse rétractable avec vue sur le jardin et la piscine

The retractable pergola

The VERANDAIR® retractable pergola is the perfect way to create a pleasant, user-friendly outdoor environment, whatever the weather.

On cooler or rainy days, this pergola can be closed to protect you from winter temperatures, wind and showers. On sunny days, it opens to let you enjoy the sunshine. Your retractable pergola can be adapted to suit all seasons, so you can use your terrace whenever you like!

Abri de terrasse rétractable avec fauteuils et tables

Terrace shelter

Does the often capricious weather prevent you from making the most of your terrace? Terrace shelters provide an attractive, user-friendly solution for your outdoor living space.

The terrace enclosure offers you a bright living space where you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. You benefit from a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the white landscapes in winter, the sun in summer, or simply your garden, while being protected.

Abri de piscine haut amovible avec transats et vue sur le jardin

Pool enclosure

Enjoy your pool at any time of year with a VERANDAIR® pool enclosure. This practical and aesthetic solution allows you to swim in your pool whatever the weather.

Retractable, VERANDAIR® pool enclosures can be opened and closed as required. When closed, the pool enclosure gives you a covered pool like an extension, protecting your installation and keeping the water at a pleasant temperature. It's open so you can enjoy your outdoor pool in fine weather.

Abri de terrasse ouvert sur une terrasse en bois avec des chaises et des tables dressées

Veranda for HORECA

In the hotel and catering sector, having an exterior is a great asset. A terrace in a restaurant or café is a pleasant space to welcome more customers, who can also enjoy the fine weather. However, when it rains, customers have to be moved back indoors, and once winter arrives, the outdoor area becomes unusable.

A veranda for Horeca is the answer. It offers a bright space where customers can enjoy the outdoors. In just a few seconds, it can be folded and unfolded to suit the weather and offer your customers the best possible experience.

Baie vitrée séparant le coin salon de la terrasse avec la piscine

Sliding bay windows

A real skylight for your home, the sliding bay window is an advantageous solution for embellishing your home and giving it a pleasant opening onto the outside world.

Also designed to complement your fixed-roof and bioclimatic pergolas, our glass walls are ideal for protecting your shelters from the elements. They can be chosen as an option for your building project or added to an existing shelter.

Abri de terrasse rétractable avec vue sur le jardin

The retractable veranda

The VERANDAIR® retractable veranda combines the advantages of a traditional veranda with those of a covered terrace !

The sky is full of sunshine? In just a few seconds, open your veranda and enjoy the fine weather. A shower arrives, no problem, the system deploys in seconds. It's easy to use, so you can enjoy your outdoors whatever the weather!

The advantages of a VERANDAIR® pergola

Modular extension


A pergola can be used toextend a living space. A retractable pergola allows you to enjoy your terrace all year round, but also to create modular spaces according to the seasons and your desires. So, over time, your pergola can become a covered terrace, a workshop, a relaxation area, an open-air office... It's up to you!

Brightness contribution


The closed-roof, bioclimatic pergola with adjustable or retractable slats lets you enjoy outdoor space and natural light at the same time. Even if the weather isn't pleasant, you'll benefit from greater brightness.

Modern, customized design


VERANDAIR® pergolas are custom-built to the dimensions you require. Customizable, they adapt perfectly to your home and exterior, offering a modern, elegant design.

VERANDAIR® , the retractable pergola expert for private and professional customers

VERANDAIR® has been designing and manufacturing retractable pergolas in Belgium for over 30 years. Located in Spy, not far from Jemeppe-sur-Sambre in Belgium, VERANDAIR® operates daily throughout Europe, as well as in Africa and North America.

Today, more than 6,000VERANDAIR® pergolas are proof of quality and passion. This work has enabled the family business to position itself as a specialist in retractable aluminum structures.

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We manufacture our pergolas, terrace and pool enclosures in Spy, Belgium, using 100% renewable materials. We offer solid, aesthetic and durable aluminum structures at attractive prices.


At VERANDAIR®, we treat your project with integrity, transparency and honesty. We remain true to our commitments, whether in terms of the quality of our products and services or ourenvironmentally responsible approach.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We communicate clearly and listen carefully to your needs. We make sure that every project matches your wishes and requirements. We are committed to creating an exceptional customer experience.


In order to provide you with a quality customer experience, our team is at your disposal to answer your questions and offer you personalized advice and solutions. Flexible and available, we offer fast, professional customer service .

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