Solar carport with charging station: the future of green mobility

18 November 2023

When electric meets solar

With the rise of electric cars, the need for home charging solutions has never been greater. But what if this solution could also contribute to a greener future? Enter the world of the solar carport, an innovation that combines protection for your vehicle with renewable energy.


The solar carport: much more than just a roof

At first glance, a solar carport looks like any other carport. However, its roof is far from ordinary. The solar carport is an integrated solution which, thanks to a series of interconnected devices, enablessolar energy to be captured, stored and used to recharge your electric car in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

Imagine coming home, parking your car under your carport and watching it recharge thanks to the solar energy captured during the day. Not only do you benefit from a home recharging solution, but you do it in an environmentally-friendly way.


Why is a solar carport the right choice?

At a time when the world is moving towards greener solutions, the solar carport offers a practical and environmentally-friendly solution. Here’s why it’s time to consider this option for your home:


Reduced environmental impact

By using solar power, a renewable energy source, to recharge your electric vehicle, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, every kilowatt-hour produced by your solar carport is a kilowatt-hour that is not generated from fossil fuels.


Long-term savings

Although the initial investment may seem substantial, the savings on electricity bills and recharging costs quickly make up for it. What’s more, in some regions you may be eligible for tax incentives or subsidies for the installation of solar solutions.


Energy independence

With a solar carport, you generate your own electricity. This makes you less dependent on energy suppliers and rate fluctuations.


Property valuation

Adding a solar system can increase the value of your property. This is a major advantage for future buyers who are aware of environmental issues.


Charging station: how to choose the right one for you?

solar carport

With the increasing number of electric cars on the road, the market for charging stations has also grown exponentially. Here’s a little help in navigating all these options:

  • Charging mode: There are three main charging modes – standard, semi-fast and fast. The choice will depend on your vehicle and your recharging needs. For example, a rapid charging station can recharge your vehicle in less than an hour, but not all vehicles are compatible with this type of charging.
  • Compatibility : Make sure the charging station is compatible with your car model. Some connectors may not be suitable for all vehicles.
  • Power : The power of the terminal determines the recharging speed. A 22 kW terminal will charge your vehicle much faster than a 7 kW terminal. Market-leading brands include FLO, ChargePoint and EVduty (Elmec). You can also consult platforms like Chargemap to find the best charging stations for your electric car.
  • Installation: You need a professional to install your charging station. Correct installation will guarantee the system’s safety and efficiency.


Verandair: expertise meets innovation

Verandair, renowned for over thirty years for its quality outdoor shelter solutions, also offers exceptional solar carports. Verandair doesn’t just provide solar solutions; the company is committed to offering products that combine aesthetics and performance. Here’s what sets Verandair solar carports apart:

  • Customization: Each carport is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a solution perfectly adapted to your space and preferences.
  • High-quality materials: Verandair uses durable, resistant materials to guarantee the longevity of your carport.
  • Harmonious integration: Verandair carports are designed to blend naturally into your environment, whether it’s a modern house or a more traditional dwelling.
  • Warranty: Verandair’s confidence in the quality of its products is reflected in its warranty, giving you peace of mind.


Solar power, the answer to tomorrow’s mobility

The transition to greener modes of transport is underway, and with it the need for innovative, sustainable recharging solutions. Verandair’s solar carport with charging station is more than just an innovation: it’s a concrete response to the challenges of electric mobility. Combining aesthetics, functionality and respect for the environment, it’s an essential choice for all those who want to combine mobility and sustainability.

So why wait?

Discover today how Verandair can transform your outdoor space and contribute to a greener future.

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