How do you heat your patio enclosure or pergola?

10 November 2023

Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee under your pergola, contemplating the morning dew, or spending an autumn evening next to a brazier, which provides comforting warmth. This is only possible if your outdoor space is properly heated, with the right heating solution.

In this article, we’ll advise you on how to choose the most suitable heating solution for your outdoor space.


Why heat your pergola or patio enclosure?

Outdoor space for all seasons

patio cover
erases the distinction between the seasons, inviting you to enjoy your garden even when the cold tries to keep you inside your house. Whether you’re taking a reading break or enjoying a candlelit dinner, the warmth provided by outdoor heating solutions ensures essential comfort and a convivial atmosphere. It’s the perfect way to gather family and friends in your cozy pergola, whatever the occasion!


Added value for your home

In addition to comfort, the fact that your pergola or patio enclosure has a heating system offers a significant economic advantage. By heating your outdoor installation, you can extend its lifespan by reducing the stress caused by temperature variations, but that’s not all!

It also increases the value of your property. In fact, a pergola or terrace shelter that can be used all year round becomes a powerful selling point, setting your home apart on the real estate market.


Pergola in winter with snow

A fixed or mobile heating solution?

Do you want to enjoy your pergola all year round, but don’t know which type of heater to choose – fixed or mobile? It depends on your budget, but not only!


The cost

In terms of maintenance and long-term cost, fixed solutions are often more advantageous, as they are generally more durable and energy-efficient. Mobile heaters, on the other hand, may require fuel refills or higher power consumption.



Heating efficiency can be improved by the design of the pergola itself. Good orientation and the use of appropriate materials can maximize natural heat. In fact, a south-east or south-west orientation can benefit from the greenhouse effect without causing overheating in summer.


Tip: consider the waterproofing of your pergola or patio cover

It’s essential to consider the watertightness of the pergola or patio cover. A watertight roof and adequate closure options ensure that the heat stays well inside your outdoor installation.

What’s more, bioclimatic pergolas, with their aluminum slats and certified waterproofing, are better able to retain heat than more traditional arbors.

What are the different types of heating?

Gas heating

Gas heaters are very popular, not least because of their efficiency and ease of use. Gas heaters run on propane or butane toprovide immediate warmth, and are often portable. So you can move it to suit your moods and needs.

With gas heating, you benefit from a clean, ash-free source of heat, ideal for people for whom ease of maintenance is a priority!


Outdoor stoves

Would you like to add a rustic, friendly touch to your terrace? Like to hear the crackle of wood burning? Whether powered by wood or another fuel, the outdoor stove brings family and friends together around its comforting warmth.

What’s more, outdoor stoves add character to your pergola or
terrace shelter
by anchoring it in a timeless atmosphere.


Outdoor stove to heat your pergola with a wooden deck

Infrared lamps

Opt for infrared lamps if you want to heat people directly without heating the ambient air. So there’s no need to waste energy!

Installing an infrared lamp is child’s play: it simply attaches to the structure of your pergola or patio cover. Last but not least, these lamps consume less energy, which has a positive impact on your bills.


Braziers add warmth and a cocooning atmosphere with their open fire. As part of your pergola or patio cover, the brazier can become a central element, providing both a source of heat and a source of light. Braziers come in a range of materials and designs, from rustic to modern, to match any style of pergola or patio cover.


Heat pump

A heat pump is an innovative, environmentally-friendly solution for heating your pergola or patio enclosure. This system uses the calories in the outside air to produce heat. This makes it a sustainable and economical option over the long term.

With the installation of a heat pump, you can not only increase the temperature of your outdoor space, but also help protect the environment.


Heated pergola with wooden decking



Efficient heating is the promise of an outdoor living space that’s always welcoming! At Verandair, we’ll help you find the ideal heating solution for your outdoor living space. Our team will also show you our other comfort-enhancing products.

Verandair bioclimatic pergola brochure

VERANDAIR® brochure

Download our brochure and discover our pergolas. Thanks to our pergolas, you can enjoy your outdoors all year round. Follow our advice on choosing the right pergola!

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