Enclosed patio: How to enjoy your garden all year round

4 October 2023

Ah, the garden! A green space where you can bask in the sun, organize barbecues with friends or simply enjoy nature. But what if you could enjoy it all year round, whatever the weather? That’s where the enclosed patio comes in.


The benefits of an enclosed patio for every season

  • Spring: As the first flowers begin to bloom and the sun makes its comeback, the enclosed patio lets you enjoy those first moments of softness sheltered from the wind. It’s also an opportunity to install a few plants for fresh, fragrant air.


  • Winter: Imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket, watching the snow fall from the warmth of your patio. A dream come true thanks to the creation of an enclosed space.


  • Summer: When the sun is at its zenith, the enclosed patio becomes a veritable haven of coolness. Thanks to its sturdy roof, you’re protected from UV rays while enjoying the summer light.


  • Autumn: The leaves fall, the rain appears… Don’t worry! Your enclosed patio lets you enjoy the autumn colors without fear of the elements.


Protect yourself from the elements

An enclosed patio offers optimum protection from the elements. Rain, wind, snow or sun, you can enjoy your garden with complete peace of mind. What’s more, thanks to solid walls, often made of wood or composite materials, your space is isolated from outside noise, giving you a real cocoon of tranquillity.


The importance of a solid roof

The roof is the key element of an enclosed patio. It protects you from the elements while letting in natural light. There are several options to choose from: glass, polycarbonate or tile roofs. Each choice has its advantages, but the most important thing is to opt for a strong, durable roof. Discover the options available with the Pergola terrasse fixed roof from Verandair.


Design and decorate your enclosed patio

Once you’ve installed your enclosed patio, it’s time to decorate! Add cushions, rugs, plants… Give free rein to your imagination to create a space that suits you. Think about the floor too: wood, tiles, concrete… The choice is vast and will depend on your tastes and budget.


Verandair’s retractable terrace enclosure: an innovation for your comfort

Verandair’s retractable patio enclosure is an innovative solution that combines the advantages of an enclosed patio with the flexibility of an open space. Thanks to its retractable system, you can choose to open or close your terrace according to your wishes and weather conditions.

closing the pergola
Enclosed pergola with jacuzzi

Made from high-quality materials such asaluminum, this shelter offers optimum protection from the elements while allowing you to enjoy the view outside. What’s more, its elegant design blends in perfectly with all architectural styles, making your terrace a true extension of your home.

With Verandair’s retractable patio enclosure, you benefit from a versatile space that adapts to all seasons and all occasions.



An enclosed patio is the ideal solution for enjoying your garden all year round. It offers protection, comfort and aesthetic appeal. So what are you waiting for? Visit a Verandair showroom to meet an expert, discover our retractable Pergolas and Patio covers and get a free estimate for your project. Your garden is waiting for you!


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