Advantages of the Verandair pool enclosure

4 December 2020

For some years now, we’ve been experiencing increasingly hot summers, particularly in Belgium, northern France and Luxembourg. In hot weather, it’s becoming increasingly tempting to install a swimming pool outside the house to cool off. It’s a difficult decision to make, however, because hot spells don’t last long, and it’s fair to ask how profitable outdoor pools are in Belgium. In fact, the cost of installation and the annual maintenance budget can be a deterrent if you can enjoy them for just two months of the year. But there is a solution: a sliding pool enclosure !


A veranda for an indoor or outdoor pool

A pool enclosure lets you enjoy your pool virtually any time of year. Removable, the Verandair range of enclosures guarantees that you’ll get the most out of your swimming area, whatever the weather. This gives you the luxury of a refreshing space in your garden when it’s hot in summer, and a place for sport and relaxation with an indoor pool when it rains or the temperature drops as winter approaches.

The assurance of a clean pool

With a pool cover, your pool will always be clean and ready for use. No need to waste time cleaning the pool water of insects and leaves. Now you can enjoy your pool whenever you want!

What’s more, the water will require less attention on your part, as it will be less polluted on a daily basis by dust and debris. It will also be gentler because it will contain fewer chemicals.


Water temperature and heat outside the pool

Verandas offer pool owners significantly warmer water thanks to the greenhouse effect. This natural heating system offers significant energy savings compared to heating water with a heat pump or boiler.

Thanks to this shelter, the pool will be protected from the wind and the sun’s rays will warm up the inside of the bathing area and, inevitably, the water. In general, a pool enclosure, as designed by Verandair, increases water temperature by 8 to 12°C, depending on the type of veranda!


Secure access to your pool area

Whether it’s located in the middle of your lawn or directly on your terrace, a swimming pool, even if covered by a tarpaulin, can represent a danger to people and pets walking nearby. The installation ofa pool enclosure offers good protection, as it limits access to your pool. When it’s dark outside your home, the shelter is simply inaccessible, making it impossible to fall into the water.

A made-to-measure pool veranda for optimum comfort

With the aim of offering optimum comfort to all its customers, Verandair adapts its aluminum sliding structures to every request, taking into account not only your budget but also the configuration of your home and garden. There are four main types of pool enclosure: the “super low” enclosure, the “low” enclosure, the “mid-high ” enclosure and the “high” enclosure.


The “super low” pool enclosure

This pool cover is stronger than a tarpaulin, and easily warms the water by 8 to 12 degrees depending on the season. This type of structure provides a real cover for your pool, preventing the water from getting dirty and also eliminating the risk of drowning for children.

The “super low” pool enclosure is very easy to use, as you simply slide the enclosure to enjoy your pool. With a height of 17cm, it’s ideal for covering your pond in a discreet yet practical way.


super low pool enclosure


The “low” pool enclosure

Thelow pool enclosure is also a discreet solution, as the various elements of its removable structure slide under each other to form a single low portico at the end of the pool. This range of verandas for swimming pools is available in heights from 60cm to 90cm, with or without floor rails. Its modern design and customizable finishes (rounded or angular, for example) will give your garden a spa-like appearance that perfectly complements your home.


low pool enclosures


The “half-high” pool enclosure

This solution already allows its owners to stand upright in the axis of the pool while remaining unobtrusive. The great advantage of amid-rise pool enclosure is that it is less than 1.80 m high, so it is not considered a habitable surface when calculating your property taxes.


half-high pool enclosure


The “high” pool enclosure

The“high” pool enclosure is a must for homeowners who want a pool enclosure that backs onto their home and doesn’t require them to go outside to swim a few laps. This solution transforms a simple swimming pool into a genuine wellness retreat, giving the impression of a real indoor pool. The veranda can be automated using a motor, and slides easily thanks to its roller system with or without a floor track. Like all the products in our range, you can customize it to suit your tastes and the style of your home, thanks in particular to a wide choice of colors for your aluminum frames (2,500 shades).


pool cover high


Pool enclosures made from high-quality components

All pool enclosures designed and manufactured by Verandair share the same advantages as our pool enclosures.


By definition, pool enclosures are constantly exposed to damp and corrosive environments. That’s why Verandair has chosen to select the best components to ensure its customers get sturdy, long-lasting pool enclosures.

Where many competitors have chosen to cut prices by turning to low-cost materials, we have decided to raise our standards of resistance by increasing our quality standards (particularly against the layers of snow that pile up on the pool enclosure roof). From simple bolts to large rafters, all pool enclosure components have been upgraded in terms of quality.


Maximum reliability for pool enclosures

Proof that the sturdiness of pool enclosures has been reinforced: the warranty period was recently extended to 15 years ! This maximizes reliability and reduces the risk of warranty claims, much to the delight of our customers and our company.

Thanks to this unyielding strength, we are able to offer pool enclosures with long spans and very wide widths. In this way, we are also able to design a self-supporting telescopic structure for communal swimming pools with an outdoor pool.


Safety: an imperative for Verandair

All aluminum enclosures designed and manufactured by Verandair are safe to use. Veranda and pool enclosure opening and closing systems are designed to be practical, safe and efficient. Easy to use, you can also opt for a motorized opening system.


Your partner in removable pool verandas

Are you convinced to install a pool enclosure, but have no idea which model to choose or how much it might cost? Contact Verandair! By e-mail, telephone or by visiting one of our showrooms, we’ll be happy to advise you on your choice of shelter model, features and finishes to suit both your project and your budget. We’ll draw up a free, customized, no-obligation quote for you. Verandair operates throughout Belgium, France (mainly in northern France) and Luxembourg. So don’t hesitate!

New VERANDAIR® 2024 brochure

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