Our pool and jacuzzi design ideas

5 July 2022

Have you just finished installing a swimming pool or jacuzzi at home? To make the most of this new play area, all you have to do is fit it out! If you’re short of inspiration for this project or want to avoid a taste mistake, take the time to discover our ideas and suggestions.

Why is it important to cover your pool?

For safety reasons

The primary interest of a pool cover system is safety. Among the most popular are the hard shelter and the veranda. In fact, this type of equipment is more effective than the alarms or protective barriers frequently found around a garden spa or swimming pool. All too often, even very young children can easily climb over them.

To preserve your water

The veranda will also have the immense advantage of being much more aesthetically pleasing than a simple tarpaulin. It also takes the effort out of installation, since all you have to do is press a button and the enclosure automatically positions itself over the pool. Such equipment is also an effective way of preserving water quality by preventing the intrusion of insects and plant debris during closing hours or in winter.

At the same time, you’ll save money by considerably reducing water evaporation while maintaining water temperature.

What protection is available?

There are three main types ofpool enclosure:

The high version

This terrace enclosure lets you transform a swimming pool into a covered space that’s accessible all year round. It can be attached to the front of the home or installed as a free-standing unit in the garden. Its height is more than sufficient for an adult to stand upright. It’s powered by a motor, operated by a simple remote control.

Half-high shelters

Perfect for smaller spaces. Fully retractable, they protect pool water from plant debris while keeping it at the right temperature for your relaxation. This type of equipment generally consists of an aluminum frame on which glazed modules slide.

The low model

Do you prefer discretion to design and decoration? Then the low terrace enclosure is for you! It provides a similar level of protection to the two models mentioned above. Its distinctive feature, however, is its low height (also suitable for a spa), making it easier to blend into the background.

The advantages of a fixed-roof pergola

A pergola is a permanent structure (so it stays outside throughout the winter) that creates a harmonious transition between house and garden. Don’t think that it’s just a decorative element. On the contrary, this facility is fast becoming a real space in its own right, totally dedicated to relaxation, games and conviviality.

Pergolas are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their many advantages. Among the most emblematic are :

  • protection against the elements (rain, wind, cold temperatures, etc.)
  • effective protection against the sun’s rays
  • the possibility of tailor-made design to meet every need
  • a wide choice of colors
  • several types of roofing available (honeycomb polycarbonate, laminated glass, opal polycarbonate, etc.).
  • simple, affordable and, above all, fast installation!
  • light maintenance
  • rock-solid reliability and robustness

Discover the bioclimatic pergola

The bioclimatic pergola is very similar to the traditional model described in the previous paragraph. However, it has an important special feature: its roof is made up of several slats that can be oriented in different ways. Their inclination can then be used to adjust the strength of the sunlight or to better circulate the air under the pergola, creating totally natural ventilation.

The bioclimatic pergola also has its strong points:

  • high durability (even against the elements) thanks to its aluminum structure
  • an elegant, all-purpose style
  • simple blade orientation control (remote control)
  • possible addition of side walls to close the structure and offer even greater protection
  • LED lighting to prolong your evenings
  • made-to-measure dimensions
  • a wide choice of colors
  • quick and easy home installation
  • little time for maintenance

As you can see, there are many different options for creating a successful aquatic area at home! So don’t hesitate to ask for advice on how to make your project a success.

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