Why cover your pool?

9 August 2022

Find out here why you should protect your pool, and the different options available to cover your pool to suit your needs and desires!

Why cover your pool?

Preventing accidents

There are many reasons to secure your pool. The first is to prevent drowning, especially among young children. In fact, every year there are numerous cases of domestic accidents involving small children falling into an open-air swimming pool. Children can sometimes escape parental supervision, and it only takes a split second for a tragedy to occur. With a safety system, many of these accidents can be avoided.

Keep water at the right temperature

The second reason is to keep the water at the right temperature. By covering your pool, you prevent the wind and cold outside from reaching the water. This prevents water degradation and maintains a regulated temperature.

Keeping water clean and healthy

Lining your pool willprevent insects and other garden animals from falling into your pond. It also prevents leaves and other debris from spilling into the pool.

What criteria should be taken into account?

To choose the right system to protect your pool, a number of criteria need to be taken into account:

  • Budget: Prices vary according to the system chosen. There’s something for every budget.
  • Aesthetics: It’s always best to choose a system that matches the shape of the pool, the tank and the pump system.
  • Environment: The system must be adapted to the layout, shape and slope of the site.

How can I protect my pool?

Sound protection: the alarm

Security is one of the main reasons for protecting your pool. The alarm is the most discreet security system and is available in two forms. Firstly, there are alarms located outside the pool that detect movement and sound the alarm as soon as someone approaches the water. There are also underwater alarms that detect waves when you fall, and then start sounding to warn of danger.

Combine protection and relaxation with
the shelter

A pool enclosure is a practical and aesthetic way of covering your pool, for guaranteed swimming all year round. Shelters keep water clean by protecting it from impurities and debris. It also ensures everyone’s safety by limiting access to your pool, and therefore the risk of drowning.

3 types of shelters are available:

  • High pool enclosures are perfect for enjoying your pool in any season, and create a new, relaxing space on your property.
  • Half-height pool enclosures allow you to cover and protect your pool without taking up too much space. This type of shelter also heats water and maintains heat thanks to the greenhouse effect.
  • Thelow pool enclosure will meet your expectations if you’re looking for discretion. This shelter has a lower heightintegrates easily into your environment. This protection maintains water quality , so your pool requires less maintenance as the seasons go by.

The pool cover

The shutter has the advantage of protecting against leaves, insects and waste of all kinds, keeping the bottom clean and limpid, as well as conserving heat. Heated shutters are also available, which, when deployed, will raise the temperature of your water. Of course, this requires sunshine.

Pool cover

Otherwise known as“covers“, pool covers come in a variety of models (opaque covers, winter covers, filter covers, etc.). It’s easy to handle, quick to install and must be placed at water level. However, this is not the best solution in terms of safety.

The safety barrier

The safety fence, which can also be called a “pool fence”, is a metal barrier attached to the sides of the pool. It prevents children from entering and provides an additional safety screen. There are several models to choose from: the transparent barrier, for example, is more expensive than the others, but also more advantageous in terms of aesthetics and safety. There’s also the“net barrier“, which is just as secure but more visible in the landscape. This model is less discreet than the transparent barrier, but more economical.


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