5 reasons to install a retractable veranda on your restaurant terrace

15 February 2023

Owners of establishments such as bars and restaurants are sometimes short of space. When this situation recurs, the solution that comes to mind is to expand the infrastructure, to install more tables and accommodate more customers.

If this is your case, why not take advantage of the opportunity to open up your establishment to the outside world and fit out your terrace? This is what the installation of a retractable veranda !

Why equip your professional terrace with a retractable veranda?

Patio design is often not a priority for foodservice professionals. However, these days, to protect customers, it’s no longer an option to open without this essential element… So now’s the time to invest and cover your restaurant!

Professional retractable patio covers provide protection from adverse weather conditions. Whether on a hot day, or when temperatures drop and the rain starts to fall. You can rely on your structure to protect your customers and ensure they have a great time in your establishment, with all the comforts they need.

What’s in it for you?

1. Maximize space

First of all, a covered terrace gives you valuable additional m2 of floor space.. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a café, space is an important asset. With m2 available, you can offer your customers an extra area in winter, while retracting the veranda in hot summer weather.


2. Outward opening

Secondly, this patio cover lets you open up your restaurant or bar to the outside world. Your customers can enjoy a drink or a meal while breathing in the fresh air, unhindered by changing weather conditions.


3. Lower energy costs

By installing a retractable veranda, you can reduce your energy costs, as it acts as additional insulation. It can keep heat inside in winter and air conditioning inside in summer.


4. Setting the mood

A retractable veranda can create a unique setting for your restaurant. It can be customized to match your theme or decorating style, which can make your establishment more attractive and much more enjoyable for customers.


5. Creating a private space

Finally, these extra spaces can be used to create private areas. Privatization is becoming increasingly popular with customers. In search of unique and atypical experiences, Belgians are looking for exceptional places to experience unforgettable moments (weddings, birthdays, etc.). They are then generally willing to pay more to take advantage of it.

Why choose a retractable veranda over a conventional model?

Retractable verandas, unlike their traditional counterparts, are terrace shelters. Whereas the veranda is considered an additional room, the retractable version exists solely to serve the terrace.

These patio covers are modular. As with convertibles, the roof of your veranda slides. Is it overcast? The roof protects you from bad weather. On the contrary, the sun is shining like never before? Take advantage and open up the space to let in light and warmth!


The best materials for a retractable veranda

Many materials are available for the structure of your patio cover. At Verandair, we strongly recommend the use of aluminum. Lightweight and extremely strong,aluminum ensures unfailing stability and safety.

This, combined with double-glazed walls, guarantees a long service life for your patio enclosure.

What’s the budget for a retractable veranda?

Adding a patio cover is usually a relatively large investment . In fact, the budget for a veranda varies between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per covered m2. However, although the initial investment may be substantial, it is nonetheless extremely profitable!

Here’s an example to help you understand the benefits of such a purchase, by calculating your potential return on investment (ROI). For a 75m2 terrace, capable of seating 50 people simultaneously, the purchase and installation price would be around €70,000.

If your restaurant or café serves 2 full courses a day (i.e. 100 meals), 300 days a year, at €50, you get sales of €1,500,000. With a margin of 20%, this means a profit of €300,000 a year. In about 4 months, we reach our ROI (Profit/Investment).

It’s a long-term strategy that can be very profitable for your business, whether it’s a restaurant or a café.


What are the possible options?

Made-to-measure, your shelter allows you to cover and delimit a space and turn it into a much-appreciated cocooning corner. By adding a touch of decoration and designer accessories, you can further enhance comfort and appeal. Water and electricity can be supplied, and LED lights, heating and air conditioning can be added. The possibilities are almost endless!

Be careful, however, as each option added to your patio enclosure will have an impact on its total price. So be sure to ask our specialists for advice , and take advantage of a detailed, 100% customized quote.


Entrust us with your retractable patio enclosure project!

Interested in our retractable patio cover concept? Would you like to find out more, or receive a detailed quote for your facility? Contact us today! We’ll be happy to help you and offer you our services.

Frequently asked questions

Who are professional retractable conservatories designed for?

Our professional verandas are ideal for restaurants, brasseries, hotel terraces, bars, party rooms, etc.

How long do our professional conservatories last?

The lifespan of your Verandair professional veranda will depend on how you use it (it needs to be serviced once or twice a year), local weather conditions and how you use it. In normal use, with regular maintenance, our Vérandair conservatories remain in perfect condition for decades.

The use of high-quality materials, such as powder-coated aluminum profiles, tempered or laminated glass panels and rubber gaskets, makes it resistant to weathering and corrosion.

To testify to the quality and durability of our verandas, the structure is guaranteed for 15 years, and the lacquering is guaranteed for 10 years.

Find out more about Vérandair guarantees

Why choose a retractable veranda rather than a pergola?

Although the price is lower, the pergola is fixed. You can opt for a bioclimatic pergola, which has adjustable slats, but this provides protection from the elements, not from the cold. A retractable veranda lets you enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the cold. When it’s warm enough, it opens and your customers can enjoy the outdoors.

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