6 tips for installing a pergola on your wooden deck

16 May 2022

Adding a pergola to your outdoor wooden deck brings you many benefits all year round. Leaning against the front of the house and facing the right direction, the pergola lets you enjoy your outdoors to the full, sheltered from the heat and the vagaries of the weather. Here are a few ideas and tips for optimizing this extra living space.

Choosing the right furniture

Whether you want to eat, relax or entertain, your pergola can do it all. The garden furniture options for these shelters are numerous, with a choice of materials or canvas specially adapted to the vagaries of the weather:

  • Aluminium
  • Woven resin
  • Teak
  • Wrought iron
  • Stainless steel

For cushions and other upholstery items, you can opt for synthetic fibers, canvas or acrylics. They are specially treated to resist weathering, mildew and chlorine. The perfect fabric for your outdoor pergola.

To optimize your space, consider the surface area available in your pergola. Some garden furniture elements, such as plants, can subtly frame the terrace, continuing along the border. And to save space, consider wood benches or retractable furniture. This type of furniture blends in perfectly with the decor of your pergola, giving you a restful spot to enjoy your garden.

Natural decoration

How can you break the uniformity of wood on your deck? Your fixed-roof or bioclimaticpergola is a key asset for creating a refreshing atmosphere in your garden. In addition to blinds made of natural materials, you can install an inlaid planter, in which succulents and shrubs can grow against a background of shavings and pebbles. If you’re looking for a simple solution for easy plant maintenance, create a dedicated plant area in the center. This allows plants to be grouped together in a single, defined location, depending on the orientation of your pergola and your creativity.

If you run out of space, just use… fixed decorations for hanging or integrating climbing plants above ground, on posts or slats. It’s an original way to create a natural ambience without sacrificing floor space. A real charm to enhance your pergola.

A tree in the pergola?

In some projects, the unexpected can lead to a sustainable initiative. If there’s a tree where you’d like to place your terrace, consider including it in the design of your pergola, building around it. As well as being an original decorative element, it offers additional shaded space, if dimensions allow.

Taking access into account

When planning your home’s outdoor space, don’t neglect access. You need to be able to access your pergola easily, without having to step over decorations or furniture. Consider wood strips for the steps of your terrace, to create a beautiful combination of garden and pergola.

A well-lit space for unforgettable evenings

The comfort provided by your beautiful outdoor location can also be extended into the evening, or even part of the night under the roof of your pergola. To make the most of this shelter, consider adding discreet, functional lighting sources. Along the steps, or to the side of the aluminum furniture, place a few small lamps to bring a subdued atmosphere to your pergola.

A warm atmosphere even in the cold season with a brazier

If you want to enjoy the comfort of your outdoor space all year round, the brazier is the ideal solution to complement the
. Installed or built on site, it provides a pleasant source of heat and a pleasant atmosphere when temperatures drop. It’s an original element that integrates elegantly into your wood structure, under the roof of a fixed or bioclimaticpergola. They come in a variety of models, styles and sizes.

Pool or jacuzzi: the choice is yours

Why not take advantage of this project to add a swimming pool or jacuzzi? Many models are perfectly suited to this purpose. Simply use the same wood material as your deck for an elegant visual effect. Under the roof, which forms its shelter, the pool still benefits from the sun’s rays thanks to the slats, depending on the orientation of the site.


If space is limited, the Jacuzzi can also be an ideal addition to the landscaped areas of
. An in-ground model allows you to create the illusion of grandeur, unlike a raised Jacuzzi.

If space is limited, the Jacuzzi can also be an ideal addition to the fitted surfaces of
. An in-ground model allows you to create the illusion of grandeur, unlike a raised Jacuzzi.

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