A pool veranda with a sliding superstructure

25 June 2019

With almost 30 years’ experience in bioclimatic retractable verandas, Verandair is the Belgian leader in retractable aluminum structures. More than 5,000 verandas have left our workshops to embellish the spaces of private individuals or professionals. And once again, a company has placed its trust in Verandair to create a sliding superstructure in Romania. A look back at this tailor-made project.

Today, Verandair teams travelled to Romania to install a retractable veranda. In partnership with
World Class Roumania
Verandair designed and built a sliding veranda for the fitness center’s outdoor pool. After a few weeks of design, preparation and logistics, our teams moved in to set up the superstructure.


A sliding veranda by Verandair

Passionate and always looking for new challenges, the Verandair family business is active not only in Belgium, but also throughout Europe, Africa and North America. The company responded enthusiastically to World Class Roumania ‘s request to build a sliding veranda to protect their swimming pool. Working closely with the 5-star fitness center, Verandair teams created a retractable and sliding Pool Cover® veranda. The 33m x 14m superstructure was custom-built using the finest materials, a guarantee of quality for this unique creation. The work, produced in our Mariembourg workshops, was then shipped to Romania and installed on site.


The advantages of a pool veranda

The World Class Roumania wellness center chose a sliding veranda to protect their swimming pool, as this solution offers numerous advantages. Installinga pool enclosure is the ideal way to enjoy your pool in summer and winter alike. It provides optimum protection against wind, rain and snow. The retractable veranda unfolds easily to suit your needs. The veranda opens quickly, allowing you to continue bathing without worry. It also offers thermal balance thanks to insulation and the greenhouse effect. What’s more, Verandair’s teams are committed to creating a veranda that blends in perfectly with its surroundings.


The retractable veranda in pictures :

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