Mastering the selection: how to choose the perfect awning material

20 October 2023

When you stand at the entrance to your home or on your terrace, looking up at the sky, the question naturally arises: “What material would be ideal for my awning?”. This question, though commonplace, goes far beyond a simple practical concern. Indeed, the choice of material for your awning is both a response to your functional needs and an expression of your aesthetic taste.

In this article, we’ll browse through the various options available, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each material, to guide you towards the choice that will sublimate your outdoor space.

The wooden awning: the essence of nature in your home

Wood, with its timeless charm, blends harmoniously into almost any environment, adding a touch of authenticity and a warm feel. It’s often associated with those moments when we snuggle up inside on a cold winter’s day. However, this natural elegance requires special attention. To maintain the splendor of your wooden awning, regular maintenance is essential, especially to protect it from the elements. Thanks to the right treatments, its beauty and durability will be preserved. What’s more, for those who care about the environment, wood presents itself as an eco-responsible option, being both renewable and biodegradable.

wooden awning

The aluminum awning: sturdy and modern

Aluminum has become a popular choice for awnings because of its strength and durability. It is extremely weather-resistant and will not rust, making it ideal for outdoor use. What’s more, aluminum awnings offer a modern aesthetic that can enhance the look of any home. With its adjustable slat cover, it can also regulate the amount of light and air that passes through, offering maximum flexibility. Find out more about the benefits of aluminum awnings in this article.

aluminum awning

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Canvas awning: the light elegance of a classic

The canvas awning combines grace and functionality. It’s prized for its lightness, ease of installation and ability to dance in the wind. While delicate in appearance, if it’s of good quality, it can provide effective protection against the vagaries of the weather. Over time, it may require special attention to maintain its lustre and vigour, ensuring lasting protection and aesthetics.

canvas awning

Exploring new horizons: glass and pvc

  • Glass awning: Combining transparency and elegance, the glass awning is like an open window on the world, providing optimum light while protecting you from the vagaries of the weather. To guarantee durability and resistance, we recommend tempered glass.
  • PVC awning: With its reliability and low cost, PVC is the perfect fusion of functionality and economy. Whether you choose transparent or translucent, it delicately diffuses light while providing a protective barrier against the elements.


The evolution of awnings: Between aesthetics and innovation

As architectural trends change and consumer preferences evolve, awnings are no longer simply shelters from the elements. They have become centerpieces, combining aesthetics and functionality, and adding real value to any property.

Motorized awnings : Technology at your fingertips

Technology has been harmoniously integrated into the world of awnings. Motorized retractable models are gaining in popularity, offering unprecedented adaptability. With a simple touch, adjust your awning to suit your needs and the vagaries of the weather. They are particularly suited to large terraces or commercial spaces.


The era of eco-friendly awnings

In the face of growing environmental awareness, the ecological awning is emerging as the answer. Made from sustainable or recycled materials, they are designed to minimize ecological impact. Some go even further, integrating solar panels, turning your outdoor space into a green energy powerhouse.


The art of orientation

The effectiveness of an awning also depends on its orientation. A south- or west-facing awning protects you from the afternoon sun, while an east-facing awning protects you from the morning glare.. The position of the sun is therefore a key factor to consider during installation.


Beyond the shade: The multifunctional awning

Today’s awnings transcend their primary function. They can be fitted with lighting, heating and even sound systems, transforming your outdoor area into an ideal party venue. Imagine a soft melody and subdued lighting, all under your awning on a summer’s evening.


All in all…

From simple protectors against the elements, awnings have evolved to become architectural elements in their own right, combining design, functionality and technology. Whether you’re seduced by the modern elegance of aluminum, the timeless charm of wood or the innovation of a motorized awning, there’s a model for every dream and every home. Before you decide, think about your aspirations, your budget and the ambience you want to create for your outdoor space.

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