Patio awnings: how to create an elegant and comfortable outdoor space

16 July 2023

Whether you’re looking to enhance your terrace for summer evenings or to create a functional outdoor space for you and your family, a terrace awning can be an ideal solution.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can create a stylish and comfortable outdoor space with a patio awning. We’ll cover everything you need to know, including planning, design, installation and maintenance.


Step 1: Planning the installation

The first step in creating a stylish and comfortable outdoor space is to plan your installation. Before embarking on the design and installation of your patio awning, there are several key factors to consider. We will explore the following elements:

Study the structure of your terrace

Before choosing an awning for your deck, you need to study the structure of your deck to determine which type of awning is most suitable. Factors to consider include :

  • The size of your terrace
  • The height of your home
  • The orientation of your terrace.

Consider your needs

You also need to think about your patio awning requirements. Why do you want to install a patio awning? What do you want to achieve with your outdoor space? Answering these questions will help you determine which type of patio awning best suits your needs.

Set your budget

Before you start designing your outdoor space, you need to set a budget. This will help you avoid unexpected expenses and keep your costs under control. When drawing up your budget, don’t forget to include the cost of the patio awning, as well as installation costs.

Step 2: Awning design

Once you’ve planned your patio awning project, it’s time to move on to the design.

What type of terrace awning should I choose?

There are several options for patio awnings, each offering unique advantages. Let’s take a look at the most common options:

The fixed awning

A fixed awning is a type of awning that is permanently installed. It is designed to offer constant protection against the elements, such as sun, rain and snow. It’s the ideal solution if you’re looking for permanent protection and want to add a solid structure to your terrace.

fixed awning

The retractable awning

Mounted on rails, it can be extended or retracted as required. It is often made of aluminum or polyester and can be fitted with a motor for easy deployment.

At Vérandair, our retractable patio enclosures are a versatile and elegant solution for protecting your outdoor space while making the most of it. Made with a sturdy aluminum structure and a refined polycarbonate or glass roof, these shelters adapt to your needs and the weather.

Thanks to their retractable feature, you can open or close the enclosure as you wish, offering greater flexibility of use and extended coverage for your terrace, whether for professional or private use.

terrace shelter for the house

The pergola awning

The pergola awning is a type of awning that offers sun protection while creating an elegant and comfortable outdoor space. It is generally made from durable materials such as wood or metal. The pergola awning can be fitted with awnings or side panels for additional protection from the elements.

Verandair aluminum retractable veranda

Add accessories

In addition to the patio awning itself, you can add accessories to further enhance your outdoor space. Common accessories include :

  • Outdoor lighting: hang LEDs or string lights from your awning for a cosy, bright space, even in the evening.
  • Patio heaters: outdoor heaters let you enjoy your patio on cool evenings.
  • Plants and flowers: add greenery to your terrace, or climbing plants to your awning, to embellish your terrace and integrate it harmoniously into your outdoor space.


pergola with plants

Step 3: Installing the awning

Once you’ve designed your outdoor space and chosen your patio awning, it’s time to move on to installation. Here are the key steps to follow for a successful installation:

Deck awning installation

Start by preparing the awning site, making sure the surface is clean and flat. Make sure you also have the tools you need for installation, such as screws, plugs and a hammer.

Attaching the awning to the deck structure

Depending on the type of awning you’ve chosen, you’ll need to attach it to the deck structure. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for this step. Make sure the awning is securely fastened and stable.

Tightness check

To ensure that your patio awning is watertight, check the joints and seams for leaks. You can also apply a waterproof sealer for extra protection against the elements.


Step 4: Decorating and furnishing

Now that your patio awning is installed, it’s time to decorate and furnish it to create an elegant and comfortable outdoor space. Here are a few tips to help you:

Choose patio furniture

Choose comfortable, durable furniture that stands up to the elements. Weather-resistant cushions and textiles are also recommended for added comfort.

Creating functional spaces

Divide your terrace into functional zones, such as a dining area, a relaxation area and a leisure zone. This willoptimize the use of space and create a convivial atmosphere.



By following these steps, you can create an elegant and comfortable outdoor space with a patio awning. Whether you want to enjoy alfresco dining, relax with a book or spend quality time with your family, your terrace will become a welcoming and pleasant place. Remember to plan carefully, choose the right patio awning, follow the installation steps and decorate with style.



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