Brighten up your veranda

10 October 2019

As the days grow shorter and the rain darkens the sky, there’s no doubt that winter is fast approaching. A veranda is an important source of light, but as winter approaches, the brightness has given way to a soft gray landscape. To combat this autumnal greyness and continue to enjoy your veranda, focus on veranda lighting.

A luminous veranda at all hours

A veranda, a well of light in your home. But how can you enjoy it after dark? How do you transform this light well into a cosy room in the evening? Let’s learn how to play with lighting so you can enjoy your veranda at any time of day.
After dark, the veranda, so bright during the day, reflects light rather poorly, becoming a very dark, cold room. What’s more, the veranda has little or no ceiling or wall space for mounting lights.

Lighting your veranda to suit your needs

The lighting ofa veranda or conserv atory will differ according to the role it plays in a house. If your veranda is your kitchen or dining room, the room needs plenty of light, even in the evening. This room needs to be perfectly lit, so a zenithal light from above must be installed. A beautiful hanging lamp, ceiling light or chandelier will find its place in your veranda to light it up as well as possible. Don’t hesitate to add points of light on the table or on the sides of the room.

Conversely, if your veranda is used as a living room, the lighting will be softer and more subdued. For a relaxation room, natural daylight alone should suffice. For the evening, play with mood lighting. Create light points here and there to brighten up the room. Use accent lamps, floor lamps and reading lights to mark out the room and create a cosy, relaxing space.

Has your veranda become a winter garden? Use light points to create a warm, pleasant atmosphere. Consider placing floor lamps to highlight your plants and create a play of shadows. A garland of lights will also find its place in this winter garden.

A beautiful evening glow

For optimum lighting, it’ s always best to think ahead. When planning your veranda, don’t hesitate to express your wishes and needs. At this stage of the project, you can insert spotlights, floor spots, electrical outlets, etc. To brighten up your veranda, play with light points. Choose warm-colored bulbs to bring more warmth to your veranda. And enjoy your veranda even after dark.

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