Building a terrace shelter in the province of Namur

25 October 2018

We’re delighted to announce that a new Verandair retractable terrace enclosure is now available in the province of Namur. The latter is 7.5 metres long and 5 metres deep. Check out the photos and videos below!

A new Verandair retractable veranda in Namur

Do you dream of being able to enjoy your terrace in both summer and winter? Do as our customers from the province of Namur do: dress up your terrace with a Verandair retractable veranda!

A pretty dining table, some chairs, a small lounge, a footstool and a few decorative elements, and you’re just as at home outside as inside!

Enjoy a meal on your terrace come rain, snow or shine: the shelter unfolds and retracts in just a few seconds. Proof in video.


  • Type of opening: central opening;
  • Enclosure composition: 4 elements (2 fixed ends + 2 sliding elements);
  • Dimensions: 7.5 metres long by 5 metres deep;
  • Glazing: laminated glass, single-glazed 8mm thick;
  • Color: structured bronze/taupe;
  • Installation date: October 2017;
  • Region: Province of Namur

What if you were next? 😉

The retractable veranda in pictures

New VERANDAIR® 2024 brochure

Download our brochure and discover our range of retractable patio covers to enjoy your outdoors all year round. You’ll also find examples and advice on how to choose the right patio enclosure!

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