Sun protection for terraces: Verandair solutions

17 August 2023

The terrace is an extension of your home, an additional living space where you can enjoy the sun, the fresh air and the beauty of your garden. However, to enjoy it to the full, you need to protect it from the elements, the sun and the wear and tear of time. At Verandair, we have the ideal solution for terrace protection: our made-to-measure terrace enclosures.


Why protect your terrace?

An unprotected terrace is exposed to many factors of deterioration. Sun, rain, snow, frost and even garden debris can damage the surface of your deck and reduce its lifespan. What’s more, an unprotected terrace can become slippery and dangerous when wet or covered with leaves. If you want to get the most out of your terrace, it’s best to protect it from the vagaries of the weather.


Verandair terrace protection solutions

Bioclimatic Pergola

The bioclimatic pergola is an effective and aesthetic solution for protecting your terrace. It is equipped with adjustable slats that regulate the terrace’s temperature and brightness. When closed, the slats create a waterproof barrier that protects against rain and sun. When open, they allow natural ventilation and greater exposure to the sun.

building a pergola for the terrace of a Verandair house

Pergola with fixed roof

The fixed-roof pergola is a magnificent transition between indoors and outdoors. Its fixed structure, leaning against the facade of your house, creates a new living and convivial space. It also offers permanent protection against the elements. Its durable aluminum structure and polycarbonate or safety glass roof guarantee optimum protection against rain, sun and snow. It can also be fitted with curtains or blinds for extra protection against wind and sun.

Retractable Patio Cover

Theretractable patio cover is the most flexible patio protection solution. It can be completely open to take full advantage of the sun, or closed to protect against rain, wind or sun. Its aluminum structure and polycarbonate or safety glass roof provide long-lasting, effective protection.


Advantages of retractable shelters

The Verandair retractable terrace enclosure is the solution for those who want to add indoor living space while retaining an outdoor area. The veranda opens and closes according to your wishes and the weather, letting you enjoy the sun or protect you from the cold.


Retractable veranda for private terrace Verandair
professional veranda for horeca

The retractable terrace cover for the hospitality sector

Protecting your terrace is also a concern for restaurateurs. Fortunately, restaurants, cafés and other establishments can greatly benefit from the installation of Verandair retractable patio covers.

This terrace protection allows establishments to maximize the use of their outdoor space all year round. On sunny days, the shelter can be fully opened, allowing customers to enjoy the fine weather. In the event of rain or wind, the shelter can be closed to provide a comfortable, protected space.

How to maintain your deck?

Maintaining your deck is essential to prolonging its life and keeping it looking its best. We recommend cleaning your deck regularly with a brush and water to prevent the wood from blackening. You can also use specific products to preserve its color and natural beauty.



Protecting your deck is essential to enjoy it to the full and prolong its life. At Verandair, we offer customized terrace protection solutions to suit your needs and budget. Visit our store for more information or a free estimate!

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