Choosing between a retractable veranda and a bioclimatic pergola for your restaurant terrace

20 August 2021

On hot days or in bad weather, your restaurant’s terrace may be inaccessible. To remedy this problem, we need to think about covering it. But with what?

Two solutions are available
bioclimatic retractable verandas
and bioclimatic
bioclimatic pergolas
. We explain which one to choose for your HORECA establishment.

Enchant your restaurant’s customers with the addition of a patio cover

patio cover
offers you many possibilities. It is particularly useful when the weather plays tricks on you. Sheltered from wind, rain and snow, but also from the intensity of the sun’s rays, your customers can comfortably enjoy a meal or a drink indoors, while still feeling like they’re outside.

These precious m2 are an asset for your establishment. You can also consider
privatizing the space
for a special event. By turning this area into a VIP zone, you can meet the expectations of some demanding customers and offer them a moment out of time.

Finally, if you have a garden, your patio enclosure can also be placed in it, creating an atypical, pleasant area in which to enjoy a peaceful meal.

What is a veranda? What’s the difference with a pergola?

Verandas are often considered by Belgians to be home extensions. However, they can also be self-supporting structures that can be placed wherever you like (as long as the ground is more or less level).

The insulation of these shelters can also vary. You can opt for a “cold” veranda or its “warm” equivalent. The latter contains much higher-performance insulation, and is more suitable for a room you want to use all year round.

The pergola, on the other hand, is a structure more commonly used to cover a terrace. This structure is not very widespread in our regions. And with good reason: it’s more a solution for countries where the weather is generally good all year round.

Bioclimatic pergolas: adjust the slats to suit the weather

The advantage of the bioclimatic pergola lies in the possibility oforienting the slats that make up its roof. The slats can be angled to allow air to enter the pergola. Thanks to this, you can regulate the temperature in this room with ease.

The retractable veranda: the best of veranda and pergola in a single structure

Choosing a bioclimatic retractable veranda means choosing the best on the market. This structure combines the sturdiness and reliability of a veranda with the practicality of a retractable roof like that of a bioclimatic pergola.

Like a convertible car, the bioclimatic veranda roof can be opened or closed by sliding. Thanks to this, you can adapt to the weather and enjoy this living space in constant comfort, whatever the season.

Sliding side panels are also available.
sliding side panels
. These glass walls function like a roof, unfolding or retracting to suit your needs.

And in terms of price? What makes them different?

Not much, in fact… Whether you opt for a bioclimatic pergola or a professional
professional veranda for HORECA
the total cost will be roughly the same.

The elements likely to vary your quote are mainly the accessories added to your structure: LED lights, heating, air conditioning, home automation, etc.

So what should you choose between a retractable veranda and a bioclimatic pergola?

Choosing between a pergola and a veranda
doesn’t necessarily make sense in Belgium, because given our climate, the choice is obvious. Pergolas are mainly designed for countries with a Mediterranean climate. For a temperate climate like ours, it’s best to opt for the custom installation of a bioclimatic aluminum veranda.

However, if you’d like to learn more about each structure before deciding and finalizing your project, you can visit one of our Verandair showrooms to meet our specialists. They will be able to advise and guide you towards the most appropriate solution for your HORECA establishment.

How can you customize your bioclimatic veranda?

First of all, your structure can be either wall-mounted or freestanding, so anyone can enjoy it, whatever the lay of the land.

Secondly, there are many materials available for your veranda: wood, metal, pvc… Verandair strongly recommends the use of aluminum, as it is easy to shape, resistant and elegant. It’s also preferable to opt for double glazing for the glass walls.

Last but not least, many other customization options are available, as your veranda is designed to be 100% made-to-measure Dimensions (length, width and height), a wide choice of colorsBe careful, though, because although this will increase the quality of your product, all these additions are likely to affect the final price of your quotation.


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