Construction of a 10 x 5 retractable veranda in the province of Namur

23 October 2018

Are you lucky enough to own a Jacuzzi? You’ve been enjoying it all summer long? You’re definitely not ready to give up this little pleasure until the weather conditions allow you to do so again? And why not extend its use with a Verandair retractable shelter?


A retractable veranda for your Jacuzzi

It’s been a long and difficult day? Do you need to relax? Put on your swimsuit and relax in your Jacuzzi, without having to worry about the temperature outside. How? Thanks to your Verandair retractable veranda!

Verandair retractable verandas are designed to cover your terrace as well as your swimming pool or, in this case, your jacuzzi!

Do as our Namur customer did: give your Jacuzzi a retractable veranda!


Features of this Verandair retractable shelter from Namur

  • Type of opening: central opening;
  • Shelter composition: 5 elements (2 fixed ends + 3 sliding elements);
  • Dimensions: 10 metres long by 5 metres deep;
  • Glazing: laminated glass, single-glazed 8mm thick;
  • Color: bronze – structured taupe;
  • Installation date: October 2018;
  • Region: Province of Namur.

Our customer opted for a 10 x 5 veranda, spacious enough to accommodate the jacuzzi in question, but also a table and chairs and/or a small lounge. The central opening was chosen, while the choice of color (bronze/taupe) allows the veranda to blend in with the existing house.

The retractable veranda in pictures

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