Exterior glazing: the secret to a stylish oasis of light

7 April 2023


Exterior glass roofs have become a must-have for those wishing to add a touch of modernity and brightness to their homes. At the crossroads of architecture and design, these glass structures offer a subtle blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In this article, we reveal the secret of these oases of light and style, exploring the different types of outdoor glass roofs, their usefulness, location, price, and a few tips on how to choose them wisely. Finally, we’ll present some inspirations to help you bring your project to life and create a unique, welcoming outdoor space.

What is an exterior glass roof?

An exterior glass roof is an architectural structure composed mainly of glazing andload-bearing elements, usually made of steel or aluminum. It is designed to be installed on the outside of a building, thus making it possible to create a visual and sometimes functional link between indoors and outdoors. The exterior glass roof is characterized by its large glass surface, offering maximum transparency and luminosity, while adding a touch of modernity and elegance to your home.

The different types of exterior glazing

There are different types of outdoor canopies, which can be classified according to their shape, location or use:


  • Roof glazing: usually installed on a slope, it brings natural light into attic or roof spaces. It can be fixed or opening, depending on your ventilation and access requirements.
  • Side windows: located on an exterior wall, they offer a panoramic view of your garden or terrace, while preserving the privacy of your interior space. It can be made up of a sliding bay window, a French window or fixed frames.
  • Facade glazing: integrated into the facade of your home, it replaces part or all of an exterior wall, offering a wide opening to the outside and a highly sought-after contemporary style.
  • Extension glass roofs: used to extend your living space or create a veranda, they create an intermediate space between indoors and outdoors, like a winter garden, a veranda or a summer kitchen.
white canopy

Veranda and conservatory: what’s the difference?

The concept of an outdoor glass roof is closely related to that of a veranda, although there are certain differences between the two.

The veranda is a glazed extension to the house, generally consisting of walls and a roof made entirely or partially of glass. It is designed to provide additional living space, while enjoying natural light and views of the outdoors.

A glass roof can be integrated into a veranda, but can also be installed independently on other parts of the house, such as a roof or facade.


What a glass roof can do for your home

It provides natural light

Thanks to its large glass surface, a glass roof floods your interior with natural light. This increased brightness not only helps create a warm, friendly atmosphere , but also reduces your energy consumption by limiting the need for artificial lighting. Exposure to daylight is especially beneficial to our well-being and health, promoting the production of vitamin D and improving our mood.


It creates additional living space

A glass roof extension or veranda can be used to enlarge your living space by creating an extra room. This space can be designed according to your needs and desires, whether to create a summer lounge, a dining room overlooking the garden, a light-filled office or a winter garden to enjoy nature all year round.


It enhances the aesthetics of your home

In addition to its practical benefits, an exterior glass roof brings a touch of elegance and modernity to your home. It creates a striking visual effect, playing on contrasts between materials and volumes. A well-designed glass roof, well integrated into your architecture, can enhance your property as a whole, giving it a unique character and increasing its value on the real estate market.


Tips for choosing your glass roof

To make the most of your outdoor glass roof and ensure that it perfectly meets your needs and expectations, it’s important to take several criteria into account when selecting it.


Materials selection

The choice of materials is crucial to the performance and aesthetics of your glass roof. The materials most commonly used for canopy structures aresteel andaluminum. Steel offers great strength and a traditional look, while aluminum is lighter and more resistant to corrosion. Consider the look you want your glass roof to give, as well as the durability and maintenance of the materials you choose.


Choice of glazing

The type of glazing you choose will have a direct impact on the thermal and acoustic performance of your glass roof, as well as on its safety.


  • Choose low-emissivity double glazing for optimum thermal insulation and transparency.
  • For better sound insulation, laminated or acoustic glazing may be considered.
  • If security is a major concern, opt for burglar-resistant laminated glass.

Architectural integration

Make sure your glass roof blends in harmoniously with the architecture of your home. Take into account the style of your building, as well as the proportions and guidelines of your façade. Don’t hesitate to consult an architect or a professional to help you design a glass roof that respects the technical and aesthetic constraints of your project.


Care and durability

A well-maintained glass roof is not only more attractive, but also more durable. Opt for easy-care materials like aluminum, and self-cleaning or dirt-repellent glazing.

Also consider the ease of access to your glass roof for maintenance and window cleaning. Finally, don’t forget to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer, which can vary depending on the materials and finishes chosen.


And the price?

The price of an exterior glass roof will vary according to its size, the materials you choose, the type of glazing and the complexity of the project. As a result, costs can range from several hundred to several thousand euros.

Some inspiration for your glass roof project

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