Heating solutions for your conservatory

3 November 2022

There are times of year when it’s nice to drink a cup of tea under the warmth of a blanket. But sometimes… it’s not enough. Do you need an efficient solution for heating your conservatory, so you can enjoy it even in winter? Electric radiators, infrared heaters, heat pumps or wood-burning stoves… Here’s a closer look at your options and their benefits.

The cold veranda: occasional heating

The first thing to know is that a cold conservatory doesn’t need to be heated like a traditional, “hot” conservatory. This is an extension to your house. As such, it must meet energy performance criteria, particularly with regard to insulation. These requirements do not apply to cold conservatories, which are glass roofs covering your terrace.

Tea room, winter garden, lounge room… Theterrace shelter is a space of well-being between your home and garden. It is intended for more occasional use than a living room. As a result, it requires a one-off heating solution: if you don’t go there, there’s no need to heat it. Let’s take a look at the options available to you to enjoy it in all weathers.

Radiant heating for fast action

Radiant heating is quite similar to what you feel when you’re exposed to the sun’s rays. It generally provides a feeling of comfort by acting as a progressive heater, which is quite pleasant.

Its radius of action is precisely directed, and it diffuses heat through the masses in the room. As an added bonus, radiant heating systems are often aesthetically pleasing.


An electric space heater to cut the cold in the conservatory

Electric heaters offer a fast, practical solution for your conservatory. Nevertheless, this system can put a strain on your energy bill, especially if you face harsh winters.

In terms of economy, look no further than inertia radiators. They can be a good option as they diffuse their action by radiation in a long-lasting way.

conservatory cold veranda

A pellet stove for a cosy atmosphere

What could be more pleasant than watching the snow fall from the comfort of your glassed-in veranda by the fire? There’s nothing better than a pellet stove. They offer an efficient, ecological and economical solution for your conservatory.

The stove may be expensive to buy, but it will save you money in the long term. What’s more, it’sa renewable energy source. This system also offers an aesthetic advantage for your interiors, providing a warm atmosphere.


Air-to-air heat pumps for high efficiency

The advantage of an air-to-air heat pump is that it heats the air in the cold season and cools it in the summer. This type of heating captures the calories present in the air and releases them in the form of heat or conditioned air into the room. Note, however, that this type of heating is not recommended in really cold regions. Indeed, very low temperatures reduce its performance.

Tips for a well-designed conservatory heating system

Whatever the case, intelligent design of your veranda will help you optimize natural heat.


Veranda orientation

The direction in which your patio enclosure faces will affect its interior temperature. The reason? In principle, the veranda benefits from thegreenhouse effect thanks to the sun’s rays on its walls.

It must therefore be able to capture a minimum amount of heat for totally natural, ecological and economical heating. To attract maximum light without being overwhelmed by the heat in summer, a south-east or west orientation is recommended.

retractable veranda for a new floor in a Verandair house

Choice of building materials

Depending on the orientation of your home, you’ll also be guided towards one or other material. For example, if your veranda faces south, you’ll probably appreciate shading roof systems or the installation of awnings in strategic places to prevent overheating.

Conversely, for a house facing the other way, the search for light, transparency and warmth will predominate. Visit bay windows play an important role here.


By turning to professionals right from the design stage of your veranda, you’ll get sound advice. As a specialist in this field, VERANDAIR offers veranda models that adapt to the climate to maximize natural heating, including for your swimming pool. Working on a bespoke basis, we provide customized solutions, case by case.

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