Home inspiration: sliding glass walls

16 December 2022

Are you building or renovating your home? Then you’re sure to want to enjoy maximum space and light, and at a reasonable price. These are just some of the advantages of installing a sliding glass wall. With its contemporary design, it can be integrated into a wide range of styles, giving you a beautiful outlook.


Sliding bay windows add character to your home

High and wide, glass walls are increasingly used in both contemporary and renovated homes. XXL glass refers to large surfaces that become one with the wall or structure they integrate. This is one of the features that makes it so appealing.

Removable, these walls are equipped with a system that allows them to move from left to right. This way, you can open or close your living spaces as you wish. Let’s see how they enhance your everyday environment.

Modernize your exterior with a bay window

Very popular with architects, sliding glass walls lend a resolutely contemporary character to a home. This doesn’t mean they can’t be integrated into older homes – quite the contrary! The mix of styles is often a winner.

The glass wall blends harmoniously with a variety of materials, such as brick or wood. It can be used to modernize a building orclean up your facade. A glass partition is also an easy way to change the layout of your rooms without losing light.


Furnish your home with a glass partition

Would you like to install a bathroom or shower in your bedroom? The sliding wall can be used as a partition. Easy to fitIt creates a new room or divides a room in two, sharing the light between the two parts.

What’s more, you can usually customize it by choosing glass dimensions, handles, colors or wall locks. It can be adapted to any interior style, from contemporary to vintage, industrial or Scandinavian.


The luminosity and sense of space of a glass wall

Let the light into your home

If your home lacks natural light, a glass door is a great way to enjoy natural light. The addition of light enlarges spaces and creates a feeling of openness and lightness.

If the configuration of your home allows it, try to position your wall so that it faces south. This way, you’ll enjoy the sunlight longer and more intensely.

By the way, you also benefit from the greenhouse effect. In winter, this is a good way to reduce your energy bill. And to keep your home cool in summer, there are practical accessories like solar screens.

Tear down walls to open up to the outside world

Also, if it’s possible for you, try toinstall your glass wall where there’s an unobstructed view. Facing outwards, it can offer a beautiful panorama and a pleasant opening onto your terrace or garden.

The view will be all the more impressive if you opt for a sleek wall design. In fact, some sliding glass bays have no frame, but rather simple aluminum profiles fitted with sliding rails, offering optimum transparency. What could be more poetic than enjoying the scenery offered by the changing seasons? We’ll leave you to imagine…


Sliding glass walls from VERANDAIR

Our sliding glass doors are custom-made to match your project to the millimeter. Depending on your needs, we’ll advise you on the thickness and type of glass to use, as well as the preferred wall width and height.

We use aluminum profiles with a wide choice of colors. As well as being extremely durable, they take up very little floor space.

Thanks to a clever sliding system, you can open and close your door quickly, easily and silently. For greater ease of use, it can be fitted with an assisted closure.

You can therefore fully customize your glass partition. Blinds can be integrated, or the height of the rail in which the walls fit can be reduced so that it presents no obstacle to walking.

In a nutshell: the advantages of sliding glass windows

In conclusion, an XXL glass surface creates a whole new living environment. Offering a feeling of space and a gain in luminosity, bay windows modernize your interiors and increase your comfort. That’s our aim at VERANDAIR.

New VERANDAIR® brochure

Do you have a pergola and want to add a bay window?

Download our brochure and discover our range of sliding glass walls. Find out more about our projects and our tips for choosing the right sliding door!

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