How can you enjoy your terrace in winter?

18 November 2021

Do you long for a cup of coffee on your terrace in the morning? Remember that book you used to read while soaking up the sun? The good news is that in winter, it doesn’t have to be a thing of the past! In this article, we explain the principle behind the cold veranda or terrace shelter, so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round.

Terrace shelters: enjoy your outdoors all year round

Summer evenings with a brazier can be enjoyed on the terrace until September, but not in October. However, to continue enjoying your outdoor infrastructure, have you thought about the cold veranda or terrace shelter? This is a solution for covering your terrace, somewhere between a pergola and a traditional veranda.

Better suited to the changing seasons than a pergola, a terrace shelter will protect you from wind and rain. What’s more, it’s not a real extension of your home, since it’s not a part of it. A must? Modify the shelter to suit your needs by making it retractable. It then adapts entirely to the climate.

Protected all year round

In summer, open the roof and walls to enjoy the sun’s rays. In winter, close it all up: you’ll continue to enjoy an unobstructed view of your garden and the light outside, while remaining in the comfort of an indoor space. Protected from wind and rain, you’ll also benefit from thegreenhouse effect when the sun is shining. This means that even if it’s 5 degrees outside, it will naturally be 15 degrees warmer inside.

Spot heating

Although winters are relatively mild in Belgium, temperatures sometimes drop sharply for a while. Given the occasional use of the patio cover, avoid turning to a permanent heating system, such as a radiator. Instead, here are two ideas for a year-round cocoon without spending a fortune.

Radiant heating

This system, often used in HoreCa, transmits heat by infrared radiation. It’s not so much the air it heats, but rather the masses present in the room, which then give off ambient heat. This device is effective as long as the beam is precisely directed. This means you can quickly heat up your target (in this case, yourself). Placed at your back, it’s ideal for a little reading with a view over the garden.

The pellet stove

Pellet stoves are another particularly economical solution, but they’re also environmentally friendly because they’re a renewable energy source. Often with a designer look, it adds a warm, cocooning touch to your patio enclosure. Be careful, though: as it requires smoke extraction, your home must be fitted with a chimney flue.

Insulating materials

You’ll be able to enjoy your terrace even more in winter if the materials used to cover it are well insulated. This means you can use double or even triple glazing to protect your space from the cold. What’s more, you’ll be protected from overheating in summer. Solid panels can also be combined with glazed walls, as they offer better insulation than glazing.

When it comes to the structure of your patio enclosure, there are several materials that offer good insulation. Aluminum, for example, is more insulating than steel. It will give your home a modern look, as well as being hard-wearing, durable and easy to maintain. Another option: wood. Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, it also provides good thermal insulation for your terrace. Finally, consider PVC, which is less expensive than wood or aluminum. Note, however, that its lifespan is limited, as it is more sensitive to external aggression.


In conclusion, a cold conservatory lets you enjoy plenty of light all year round, anduse your outdoor space in winter too. Whether it’s a tea room, a reception area for guests or a reading room, there are several ways to heat it economically from time to time. In this respect, it’s important to find out about the insulating properties of the materials used in its construction.

To imagine what this could look like in your home, take a look at our Verandair creations. In our showrooms, our specialists will be able to advise you on the best ways to optimize the use of your terrace in these cold periods. You’ll get personalized ideas and a detailed estimate.

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