How to cover a pergola?

27 March 2021

The days are gradually getting longer and the temperatures milder. As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, it’s as if spring is just around the corner, encouraging you to get back to gardening and enjoying the great outdoors.

Your pergola is your inexorable ally until next winter. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of your garden and terrace without the inconvenience of rain, wind, too much sun or too much heat.

That’s why it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to cover your pergola, both the roof and the sides.

Roofing solutions for your pergola

Whether the structure is made of wood, wrought iron, PVC or aluminum, all pergolas can be fitted with a variety of roofs, making them genuine outdoor living rooms that can be enjoyed in any season. There are many solutions, each with its own advantages.

Adjustable slats for bioclimatic pergolas

Both stylish and highly resistant, adjustable slats have the great advantage of adapting to your needs for shade and sun, just like Venetian blinds. They also provide excellent protection against downpours. As the system can be motorized, slat orientation is very easy. It’s excellent value for money, because it lasts over time and requires little maintenance.

Choose a bioclimatic pergola if you live in a very sunny, very hot area. When the slats are closed, you run the risk of losing light, especially if your pergola is placed on your terrace and backs onto your house.

Canisses to create a shaded area

Made from a combination of bamboo, straw or wicker, a canisse roof covering for your pergola will create a pleasant, shaded outdoor space. This type of roofing is very economical and easy to do yourself. It also gives your property a much-appreciated Provencal style. But while this solution protects you from the sun’s rays, it doesn’t prevent raindrops from passing through.

A stretched or unfolded canvas

Textile is also a good option for preventing heat under your pergola. Whether stretched or unfolded, the fabric is easily removed when not needed. Made from cotton, linen, hemp or polyester, canvas prices vary according to the fabric used, as do their insulating power, waterproofing and durability.

Vegetation to blend in with your garden

It’s probably the best way to give your garden a magical look. What could be more beautiful than letting vegetation flourish along the structure of your pergola?

For plant lovers who dream of a shelter similar to the classic Italian pergola, this is ideal. In fact, you can grow climbing plants all around to cover the structure. If your pergola is made of wood or wrought iron, it will look very attractive.

Unfortunately, natural vegetation roofing is neither the most effective nor the most practical. While it provides a pleasant coolness, it requires a lot of maintenance for limited protection in the case of sparse plants. It will also often damage your pergola over the years, especially if it’s made of wood.

A glass roof

Unlike canvas, canisse or awnings, glass is a hard-wearing material for covering your pergola. Very classic, it will nevertheless bring a modern touch to your home.

On the other hand, it’s not the best solution for protection from the sun, as this material is transparent and favors the greenhouse effect under your shelter.

Choosing polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate is a very strong plastic with high thermal resistance. That’s why polycarbonate sheets are regularly used in outdoor constructions such as verandas, house extensions and other shelters. As roofing for pergolas, these sheets provide perfect protection from wind and rain.

Protecting my pergola from wind and weather

A roof covering is essential. But is it enough to get the most out of your pergola? When the weather’s nice, you’ll want to eat outside or play a board game with the family on the garden table. But what if the wind suddenly picks up and sweeps away napkins, cups and Monopoli tickets? The solution is simple: add side walls to the sides of your pergola.

Sliding glass doors

Sturdy, attractive and superbly practical, the sliding glass wall is a great addition to your pergola. In terms of looks, it goes equally well with wood and aluminum structures. Their great advantage is that they protect you from the wind, driving rain and even the cold, while giving you a full view of your garden. Unlike most other solutions, their system also allows them to retract very easily, so you can open your pergola when the weather warrants.

Canisses for different uses

The canisses we mentioned to protect the roof of your pergola can also be used as side protection. Excellent as a privacy screen, this solution also protects you from wind and rain to a certain extent, i.e. when these are not too powerful. It’s both a natural and economical material, so it’s regularly favored by homeowners.

VERANDAIR retractable shelters

VERDANDAIR is your partner in landscaping your outdoor spaces. For those of you who want to enjoy your garden for longer periods of the year, we can help you make the right choice of retractable aluminum shelter.

Would you like to build a veranda? A pergola? A pool enclosure ? Or would you like to add extra protection and comfort to your existing buildings? Contact one of our sales consultants to discuss your project, in line with your needs and budget!

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