How to hide a Jacuzzi?

7 September 2022

To transform your garden spa into the ultimate relaxation zone, you’ll need some good ideas for Jacuzzi privacy. That way, you can enjoy the bubbles in peace and quiet, without feeling like a show-off with your neighbors or the rest of your garden. Placing a whirlpool bath in a private area will also create a distinct space for relaxation.

Read on for tips on how to hide your hot tub effectively!

Place your Jacuzzi under a modern pergola

If you’re investing in one of the best inflatable or non-inflatable hot tubs, a stylish enclosure such as a pergola or pool house is ideal for making your spa more private, and will encourage you to use it whatever the weather. All surrounding slats are adjustable, so you can control not only the view, but also the amount of airflow and natural light. And the addition of sliding doors means that everything can be contained if you wish. This is the perfect setting for a cozy winter dip to restore your body and soul.

Choose a retractable corner privacy wall

A good way toenhance your privacy while enjoying a hot bath is to invest in a retractable privacy fence. They’re really easy to install and will give you peace of mind if you have nosy neighbors.

The retractable privacy wall measures 10 feet long by 4.5 inches wide by 6 feet high. It’s ideal for blocking the neighbors’ view or protecting you from the scorching sun while you soak. This spa cover features an oxidized aluminum frame. It features a powder-coated steel support post and liquid-resistant PA-coated polyester fabric.

The best part of this privacy wall is that you can use it to do more than block out the sun or curious neighbors! You can use it inside an office or home as a cubic wall. It can also be used on a terrace or patio!

Choose a bamboo fence

Don’t underestimate the power of plants as a natural screening solution. It’s a more subtle approach than an artificial structure and will also increase the level of greenery in your plot. For example, you can opt for large bamboo plants in a trio of modern containers, which effortlessly separate the lawn from the hot tub. Bamboo stems grow in just a few months, and there are thousands of different species growing all over the world. Depending on the species, massive bamboos can reach heights of up to one hundred and twenty feet! A verdant view while you relax in the spa will also add to the ambience.

Create shelter and privacy with a wooden gazebo

Garden gazebo ideas are fantastic additions to year-round outdoor living, as they keep a space sheltered whatever the weather. But they’re not just for living rooms or garden kitchens and terraces, they’re also perfect for bubbling pools.

This is a particularly good choice if you have neighboring windows above you, as it will protect the spas from overhead view. You can also use the posts to support additional fence panels, to ensure privacy on the sides.

Choose a frosted glass barrier

A spa placed high up, on a terrace or roof terrace, may need to be protected from people on the ground to feel more private. Fences are a great solution, but rather than opting for something completely opaque that could make the cladding look dark and dingy, consider a frosted glass model. In this way, it provides a subtle yet elegant covering that doesn’t block the light. It’s also easy to clean. All this is ideal for a bath of well-being for body and soul.

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