Maison & Véranda: tips for an extension that reflects your personality

18 March 2022

In our world, where stress prevails at work, traffic jams annoy us and social notifications never stop beeping, it’s important to create a home where you can find tranquility, a place of disconnection all your own.

Creating an extension to your home will give you that relaxing place you’ve been missing, where you can disconnect from the world.

A home that reflects you

When we decide to renovate our home or build an extension, we are sometimes tempted to make choices that are not our own. In fact, we can get carried away by current trends, familiar decorating elements or the opinions of those around us. This mistake will quickly lead to a feeling of unease or not belonging in your own home.

When designing your home, it’s essential to think of your interior in terms of yourself. It’s important to think about who you are, what you represent, what suits you and what you really like. By asking ourselves the right questions and providing answers based on ourselves and our family, we can create a habitat that’s in tune with ourselves.

In the same sense, creating a custom extension is of the utmost importance. After a day’s work, a day’s sport, a visit to the dentist or a little cuckoo at grandma’s house, it’s essential to be able to find a soothing place where you can really feel at home and be yourself. A place to relieve stress and simply be happy. Because a home that’s just right for you promotes well-being, letting go and relaxation, and therefore reduces stress.

A veranda for a stress-free home

Tools for well-being in the home

To create an extension that’s just right for you and where you can enjoy the peace and quiet, elements such as lighting, decoration and color play an important role in the design. It’s interesting to be able to play with these elements and the way you design your home to create a house that’s a pleasure to live in.

Let in the light with a veranda

Light has a major influence on our bodies. In fact, light regulates mood and energy, and helps us to get a good night’s sleep. Light promotes well-being in everyday life. In any home, it’s essential to let in as much natural light as possible.

We recommend designing our homes to receive as much natural light as possible. Adding a bay window to the wall of a room, or extending your living space with a veranda, floods your rooms with light.
What’s more, having an opening to the outside extends the view and creates a greater sense of space.

Greenery and light tones – to relax the mind

Creating a bubble of disconnection doesn’t just depend on the openings and architecture of the house, in fact, the choice of colors and decoration is of great importance. As we continue to make choices that are consistent with ourselves, there are a number of tips that can help.

Light tones, and white in particular, are synonymous with purity. These tones offer a feeling of openness and space. This makes you feel good inside, not locked in.

Connecting to the outdoors with a lush garden or a few elegant plants on our walls also creates stress points in the home.

Windows and verandas for a serene interior

A veranda for a more comfortable home

By refocusing on our desires, our needs and our lifestyle, we can rethink our homes in coherence with ourselves. Sometimes simple changes make us feel better. So why not opt for more light with a bay window or a new, light-flooded extension with a veranda to enjoy afternoon tea with the family?
Press pause with an interior that looks like you and is full of positive energy.

bioclimatic veranda

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