Our tips for a cocooning decor space

11 November 2022

How about snuggling up under a blanket, hot chocolate in hand, watching the snow fall outside? Or enjoy a cup of tea in a cosy lounge overlooking your garden? Sometimes it doesn’t take much to create a cosy atmosphere in a corner of your home. Find inspiration for a pretty, cozy room with these decorating tips and ideas.


Where to create your cocooning room?

Before you start decorating, it’s useful to know where you want to spend your relaxing moments. Why? Because it’s all about finding the right place. The one that brings you comfort, light and relaxation.


Inside your home

The first idea that comes to mind for a cocooning decor is that of a room in your home. If you have the space, a small reading corner could be set up in a bedroom, next to a window overlooking the garden. Or why not in your living room? Provided, of course, that the decor is just right.

But what if you wanted to create your own little cocoon? In a place that’s all your own, where you can enjoy a view of the outdoors and nature while staying warm…? You may find the following interesting.


Under a designer pergola

Nowadays, the bedroom and living room are no longer the only rooms in the home for relaxation. Trends point to investment in outdoor spaces such as terraces. And the pergola is a design that’s been on a roll in recent years.

For a cozy corner, there’s nothing like this little haven of peace that can house a garden lounge, a lounge area or a dining table. Contrary to popular belief, pergolas aren’t just for summer use. Just add a few sliding glass panels. This way, you’re on the outside, but protected in a little bubble of well-being. A bit like a veranda…

warm decor in a veranda: sofa, cushion, open book

In a cosy veranda

In the same spirit, by creating a veranda with a modern, cocooning decor, you’ll create an interior room ideal for enjoying the view over your garden. Even in winter.

A real well of light, the cold veranda is a place oftranquillity. You’re no longer in the daily routine of your home, and you’re not outside either. You get all the benefits: the comfort of an interior combined with the pleasure of a view of the outdoors. In short, it’s the perfect place to set up your cozy spot, especially when temperatures drop!

Cocooning decorating essentials

Now that you’ve thought about the place, let’s move on to decorating it. Here are the essentials for ultra-comfy style.


Warm, pure colors

To create a warm ambience in your home, opt for colors such as white, cream, ecru or pastel. Also look to winter colors for warmth:ochre, terracotta and purple are among them.

If you don’t need to repaint your walls for the cause, a few decorative elements in these different tones will help you get into the right decorating spirit.


Furniture in natural materials

When it comes to furniture, why not set up a lounge with an armchair where you can enjoy a cup of tea and a good book? Or a pretty dining table for entertaining? Or a lounge area with a sofa? One last idea: a bench, either at the table or on which you can place a few plants. Ideal under a pergola or veranda!

In any case, choose furniture made from natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo, which add a warm, friendly touch. In addition, especially on a veranda, choose low furniture that won’t block the light and will preserve your lovely garden view!


Warm fabrics for comfort

Coziness means well-being, and that can’t be achieved without well-chosen fabrics. You can cover your seats and armchairs with plaids and other warm blankets. And don’t hesitate to add cushions to your chairs, a sofa, or even a rug on the floor.

To keep with natural materials, opt for linen or cotton. Think velvet, too, for a cozy touch.


A luminous atmosphere for relaxation

Whether in your home or in a conservatory, light is essential. Witha patio enclosure, you’ll benefit from natural daylight, which is a considerable advantage. But for the evening, a touch of light may be in order.

In this case, opt for soft, gradual lighting with an indirect glow. And for a warm and welcoming environment, why not place your Christmas tree here?


Decorative objects for that ultra-comfortable finishing touch

Finally, let’s move on to the little details that count. Of course, plaids, but also candles. Arrange a few to enjoy the scents you like. Like a winter garden, the veranda is also a perfect spot for your plants when it’s freezing. Thanks to these, the shelter offers all the charm of a small greenhouse.

Here’s a tip: place your orchids, bonsais and other flowers in wicker pots. In the same material, a basket, a pretty trunk or a chest will be perfect!

For a cocooning decor: in brief

A cocooning living space can be created in the living room or bedroom of your home. But if you want to enjoy nature and relax, it’s easy to create a bright and welcoming new room. How? With a cool pergola or

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