Proof of your confidence: 5000 Verandair conservatories

12 September 2019

Verandair has been building 5000 verandas and pergolas worldwide for over 30 years. Belgium, Great Britain, Canada, United States… Verandair verandas can be found in all these countries. This figure reflects our customers’ confidence and our constant desire to offer you the very best.

Your veranda or pergola: our mission for over 30 years

Verandair has been your partner for veranda and pergola construction since 1990. From retractable verandas to swimming pool enclosures and sliding superstructures, your projects always inspire us to go the extra mile. Between innovation and tradition, we offer you the most advanced techniques to provide you with a quality veranda or pergola, built with durable materials. From the early days of Verandair to the present day, the team has worked proactively. We’re committed to continuous training and renewal, to offer our customers the very best in verandas. Our mission: your veranda project.

5000 Verandair conservatories worldwide

A company at the cutting edge of its field: verandas

Verandair is a family-run business employing around 30 technicians to provide you with the best possible service. A company with a human face. At Verandair, we encourage direct contact with our customers. This not only facilitates the exchange of ideas for the creation of your project, but also speeds up the process. Close to its customers, Verandair always lends an attentive ear to every project, whether before, during or after the worksite. The company has been creating the best verandas and pergolas for homeowners and professionals for over 30 years. Dith an eye for detail, we keep all the archives and your Veranda and Pergola projects in Spy. This way, we can intervene as quickly as possible and with the original plans for greater efficiency! Not to mention that all our verandas and pergolas come with a 15-year structural warranty.

Let’s continue the Verandair story together and
contact us for your new veranda or pergola project.


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