Retractable microverandas for the hospitality sector

18 June 2021

micro retractable verandas
can be a great asset for hotels, B&Bs and other guest houses wishing to offer their guests an atypical experience. Discover the benefits of this solution for the hospitality industry.

What exactly are micro retractable conservatories?

These are
retractable terrace shelters
(for approx. 2 to 6 people) designed for private spaces and outdoor enjoyment, while remaining sheltered from the weather (sun, rain, etc.).

VERANDAIR offers its own solution: the CUBE. This aluminum structure is easy to install and can be set up in a wide range of environments (garden, terrace, beach, lakeside…). It’s 100% customizable, since it’s made-to-measure, so you can enjoy a quality product, finished to your image.

The investment quickly pays for itself (usually in less than a year), allowing you to make a profit over the long term.

CUBE application fields for the hospitality sector

For your hotel, the acquisition of one or more retractable mini verandas can offer many possibilities in terms of comfort. These include :

Creating a lounge area

Would you like to define a room in which your guests can relax and enjoy a special moment in your hotel or guesthouse? It’s all made possible by the design of a CUBE.

You can create the ambience you want and integrate numerous electronic devices (TV, radio, computer, record player, etc.). Personalize it as much as possible to create the atmosphere you want, and offer your guests a moment of absolute well-being.

Thanks to its tilting roof, your customers benefit from protection from the sun, rain, heat or excess light. The addition of blinds on glass walls can also fulfil this role (at least for heat and sunlight).



A smoking area (for cigars)

Standards are becoming ever stricter for the use of cigarettes, cigars and other electronic versions. To accommodate your smoking customers and provide them with shelter in case of need, you can create a smoking area with a mini veranda.

This can be equipped with air extractors, or even a complete ventilation system, enabling you to filter and renew the air continuously to avoid any problems inside the structure.



Privatization of a VIP area

Want to offer your customers a service? Why not create a VIP zone in your hotel environment? Poolside, in your garden, on your hotel terrace, in the middle of the forest, or on the beach… the possibilities are endless.

This moment of escape and comfort is sure to leave your customers with unforgettable memories!



Additional tables for eating and drinking

As part of the health crisis, restaurateurs and other HORECA professionals are being asked to move their tables away from each other, to guarantee the required distance between tables.

To respect these social distances, every restaurant operator must find solutions to enable their customers to enjoy their terrace. These glass-walled aluminum structures for 2 to 6 people are the ideal solution to this problem!

It is therefore possible to maintain the comfort of small groups while opening up their perspective and field of vision to the outside world and other guests.



The provision of unusual overnight spaces

These retractable microverandas can even be used as additional bedrooms! These unusual overnight stays in this intimate space are sure to offer your customers a unique experience!

sliding walls
can be glazed or completely opaque. The same applies to the roof.

You could, for example, close off the sides and offer a glass roof so that your guests can gaze at the stars and their magnificent light at night. Or make the roof opaque and leave a glass wall on one side of the CUBE so that your guests can contemplate the natural surroundings. Or why not mix the two?

You’re free to configure your copy just the way you like it, thanks to our tailor-made offer!

What about guest houses and other gîtes?

There are many guesthouses in the Belgian and international tourist landscape. That’s why you need to set yourself apart from the competition and offer your guests unique experiences as part of your project.

What better way to do this than to opt for the comfort of a retractable mini veranda designed in your image? As the owner of an accommodation, you can use it to set up a dining area, as a pool house by the pool, as a jacuzzi shelter… the possibilities are numerous and offer you interesting prospects for welcoming your guests. You can even consider purchasing several modules.


Want to find out more about the CUBE and how it can benefit your business?

Are you interested in our quality mini veranda and the applications it could have in your hotel, guest house or B&B? Why not contact us for advice and a 100% transparent quote?

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