Shelter your spa so you can enjoy it in winter too

28 September 2022

Would you like to enjoy your outdoor Jacuzzi all year round, come rain, shine or snow? By investing in a veranda or a
spa enclosure
Verandair, you’ll be able to cope effectively with the cold season. And when the weather’s nice, simply open your shelter to enjoy the sunshine.

Why protect your spa?

By protecting your spa, you’ll optimize its lifespan and enjoy it for many years to come. Whether inflatable or rigid, the structure will not be damaged by the vagaries of the weather.

During the cold season, you won’t be exposed to the elements either, including icy wind and snow. When summer arrives, unfold the walls of your shelter to let in fresh air and sunshine. Last but not least, this installation also protects you from prying eyes.

Open shelters

The pergola is one of the open shelters that can protect you from rain and snow. As it has no walls, you’ll be more or less exposed to the cold when you get out of your hot tub.

Wooden or composite gazebos can also cover your whirlpool bath. You can close it with curtains to bathe away from curious onlookers. Even so, they won’t protect you from the cold wind, and what’s more, they’ll block your view of the garden.

Enclosed shelters

Theclosed shelter offers many advantages:

  • it prevents the water from cooling rapidly, allowing you to optimize the energy expended to keep its temperature constant
  • protects the unit from plant debris, dust and insect corpses
  • it secures the whirlpool
  • protects you from rain, snow and gusts of wind
  • it preserves your privacy.

You can choose between several types of structures at all price levels.

Spa or pool enclosure

The pool enclosure is perfect for covering a Jacuzzi on a terrace. It can be fixed, with openings on the sides. Or you can opt for a model with telescopic walls.

This one is so practical, as its panels snap together in a corner when you open them. When it snows or turns rainy, simply close them. Because it’s made of glass, you’ll always be able to enjoy the view from your hot tub, even in the depths of winter.

If your hotel offers private spas, your guests will feel privileged to bask in a place where they’ll have the impression of being alone in the world, while admiring the snow falling outside. Don’t hesitate to create a romantic, restful atmosphere by installing attractive lighting fixtures.

The wooden chalet

Set up in the garden or in an idyllic corner of your property, the wooden cabin is made up of walls and large picture windows. Here, you can bathe in a Nordic spa atmosphere. You can even install a sauna.

The dome

The dome forms a protective bubble around your Jacuzzi. It comes in several shapes. It can be inflatable or made of polycarbonate panels that slide on a rail. Some models feature a plastic film that unfolds from the top. They’re very affordable, yet their rounded design is sure to bring a touch of modernity to your home.


The veranda

Elegant and functional, the veranda protects you from the vagaries of the weather during your balneotherapy sessions. A model with a bioclimatic roof is also ergonomic, as it can be opened and folded away as required. It prevents the infiltration of snow, rain and wind in winter. In summer, it unfolds to let the air through. There’s also the modular veranda, which transforms into a terrace when you move its panels.

The advantage of a modular veranda

The modular veranda for Jacuzzi is based on the same principle as the pool enclosure. It’s made up of retractable walls that slide and stack on one side. As it covers the exact area of your terrace, it will protect the hot tub as well as the living room and outdoor kitchen. You won’t need to winterize your furniture for the cold season.

In summer, move the panels and you’ll have an unobstructed view of the outside. You’ll also feel the breeze caressing your skin and face. Open the bioclimatic roof to let the sun flood your space.

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