The benefits of a veranda for your home

8 March 2022

Rain, wind or snow sometimes prevent you from putting your nose outside? However, the landscapes offered by nature during cooler periods are well worth the detour. It sounds idyllic to be able to enjoy all the advantages of the outdoors, without the disadvantages. And yet! It’s totally feasible by installing a cold conservatory. We explain it all in this article.


The cool veranda: an easy-to-use design concept for enlarging your space

Opting for a cool veranda, or a patio enclosure, is a simple way of providing yourself withan extraroom offering an unobstructed view of the outdoors .

Unlike traditional verandas, this type of construction doesn’t require any major work. In fact,terrace shelters don’t require the intervention of an architect, the creation of foundations or ground insulation work. It offers you additional
additional space directly on your terrace
as an extension of your home.

A multifunctional room

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, a dining room or even a tea room, a veranda will significantly change your living space. A true multi-purpose room, it can even accommodate an indoor swimming pool. Thanks to its glass roof construction, it can also be used as a
winter garden
to protect your plants from frost. In short, you can decorate it and enjoy it as you please.

Véranda Vérandair for your home

The main advantages of a veranda

In addition to its ability to easily provide additional living space, the cold conservatory offers other advantages that make it a worthwhile investment.


A modern opening onto the outside world

The major advantage of a veranda is its ability to let you enjoy the view outside all year round. Indeed, in winter, frozen landscapes are beautiful but don’t always make you want to go out.

In autumn and spring, the desire to enjoy the garden intensifies, but the temperature outside doesn’t always allow you to sit on the terrace to read or eat.

As for summer, we have to admit that the sometimes capricious weather doesn’t always allow us to enjoy our garden as much as we’d like. With a veranda, you can! And what if it’s hot? Don’t worry, the retractable veranda lets you enjoy an airy terrace!


A bright room all year round

Another major advantage of a veranda is the light it brings into your home. There’s nothing like natural light to brighten up your day! With its large picture windows, it adds a contemporary touch to homes and blends in perfectly with all styles, old and new. The icing on the cake? You benefit from the sun’s warmth, which helps reduce your energy bills.


Comfort combined with personalized decor

A veranda is also an aesthetic element. Attached to your home, it adds a touch of modernity, light and elegance.

Think about personalizing and styling it to suit your tastes and your home. You can generally choose the color and materials to give it a rustic, classic or modern look, for example.

The veranda can be made of aluminum, which is both light and robust, PVC for a tighter budget, or even wood if you want a more rustic look.


Added value for your home

Beyond the comfort and light it brings, apatio enclosureadds value to your home. It’s a smart investment that could make all the difference if you ever want to sell your home.


A made-to-measure veranda for excellent value for money?

Are you hesitating to take the plunge because the investment seems too high? The price of the installation will quickly pay for itself in terms of the use you make of it and the benefits it brings you.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote, as a veranda project can be adapted to your needs and budget.

The VERANDAIR choice

VERANDAIR conservatories come in a range of colors to suit every style. Choose from a range of 2500 colors, in smooth or satin finish.

We’ve chosen to build our verandas, pergolas and terrace shelters fromaluminum, because it’s both strong and lightweight, and of better quality than PVC. Aluminium is also very easy to maintain, unlike a wooden structure.

In this way, you benefit from a reliable installation that withstands the elements and outdoor conditions, without the need for extensive work. In short, you’ll enjoy your veranda for many years to come.

Would you like to know more about our products or their prices? Contact us at ! We’ll be delighted to answer all your questions.

New VERANDAIR® brochure

Download our brochure and discover our range of retractable patio covers to enjoy your outdoors all year round. You’ll also find examples and advice on how to choose the right patio enclosure!

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