The pergola, an outdoor design dedicated to relaxation

13 January 2020

The days are getting longer, the light is titillating our late afternoons, and winter is slowly giving way to spring. It’s a reminder to get started on your outdoor landscaping so you can enjoy the warm weather.

Over the last few years, outdoor design has become very popular and the focus of much attention. The garden has become a real living space. The outdoor space is a real extension of the house, and can be designed to add real value to your home and your well-being.

A pergola for your garden

Today’s gardens are becoming increasingly spacious to meet the needs of outdoor living. With a few adjustments, you can maximize your time spent outdoors. So every ray of sunshine can be experienced in your garden.

It’s nice to have a well-landscaped garden with a space dedicated to relaxation and outdoor enjoyment. A pergola is the perfect answer. When building a garden, the pergola creates a vanishing point. An eye-catcher that gives structure and emphasis to the garden. The pergola can be used to create spaces for relaxation, cooking, etc.

The advantages of a pergola in the garden

The pergola offers many advantages for your garden’s exterior design.

The pergola can be fixed or equipped with a convertible, which means it can be deployed when the wind blows too hard, or when a small shower disturbs an afternoon in the sun.

The pergola can be bioclimatic, with adjustable slats for protection from the sun.

It features a modular system, with the option of integrating glass panes on the sides to create a real shelter.

The pergola is made of aluminum. An advantage for customization, as aluminum allows a wide variety of colors. It’s also easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Pergola, a place to relax in the garden

The pergola as a place to relax

The pergola can define a relaxing space in your exterior. The pergola can be placed against the façade or in the middle of the garden. In this way, you can accentuate your exterior with an aesthetically pleasing pergola while creating a new space for relaxation. Highlight your pergola with garden furniture, armchairs, a small coffee table, a few colorful cushions and plaids for chilly evenings. In this way, you create a real little outdoor living room where you can soak up the sun while reading a book, taking a nap or enjoying an aperitif with friends.

The pergola as a terrace shelter

A pergola can be attached to your house and placed on your terrace to create a terrace shelter. The pergola then becomes a true extension of the kitchen or living room. The pergola on a terrace can be fitted with side windows to make the most of the space on any occasion. You can also imagine creating an outdoor kitchen area, or a bathing area if you have a swimming pool, a small additional outdoor room to make the most of fine weather.

The pergola, a real space for relaxation

The pergola as an outdoor feature creates spaces dedicated to relaxation. Whether you’re reading in the sun, having lunch with the family or enjoying an aperitif with friends, this extra room lets you spend more time outdoors.

The pergola, a real asset for your garden and your comfort.

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